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  1. Yes I bought a 5 pack of 500 mAh batteries, so 6 batteries total. It truly is a must have! One can't really learn to fly when you only have 5/10 min of flight time.
  2. Thanks all for the warm welcome. Btw, i just ordered a "crash pack" with some replacement parts for my Hubsan x4 H107D. A windy day and a chain link fence = cracked upper shell body on my little micro quadcopter haha.
  3. Hi All, Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I'm 31 and I live in San Diego, CA. When I found out about the new technology in FPV racing I was instantly hooked. I've always loved aviation and played many flight / action sims for countless hours growing up. I'm very new to flying drones and I'm entering the hobby with the goal of eventually getting to the point where I can fly a FPV quadcopter and race it locally for fun. My secondary goal is to utilize this hobby and turn it into a career change in San Diego. It would be great to get paid (either full time or on the side) to fly the larger "camera drones" around and survey land / real estate, etc. As far as experience, I've successfully had about 4 flights with my Hubsan x4 FPV ready to fly kit that I bought on Amazon. I'm learning to fly it via LOS before FPV only (that's what I've read anyways) Looking forward to learning more from everyone here, and hopefully to meet some of you local to my area. Thanks in advance, Spicy Mustard