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  1. Hi, Not really a reply but need some help? I've had my CX 20 for nearly a year and am trying to get an FPV setup on it now. I've got a "action sport" camera 4K with WiFi, ( GoPro look a like), and a 7" tablet with WiFi. With the tablet (uses EZ iCam app) and camera on board and all connected up with WiFi working, in flight , once I've taken off. my Tx loses control over the drone. Had one mild crash and broke a rotor and on another flight just about managed to bring the drone back to me and land it. BUT in the latter case the rotors would not stop working until I'd turned off the WiFi on
  2. Thanks Alan, but there speaks a young man ! Have to tell you though, I'm enjoying every little bit of whatever age I'm at !! No worries.
  3. Hi, I'm really too old to be fooling around with this gear but love it, as I was crazy about flying kites when I was a young lad. Took to quads when I was 78, and am 81 now. Not terribly interested in aerial photography, although my quad does have a camera, just love controlling my drone and watching it fly. Still haven't mastered the act of flying when I can't see which way the drone is facing, so, still very much a novice. I have a Cheerson CX 20 which I've crashed badly enough once to replace both upper and lower body shells. Would love to hear of any really cool tips for flying when t