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  1. Just thought I'd put this on here in case anyone interested.
  2. Thanks Christian for the feedback! I am having trouble actually knowing how to edit the clips and tried several times to remove the antenna in that one shot. Every time I tried, I ended up getting the music all off and also had too much footage for the length of the music. I'm doing a step by step tutorial on the software and will get back to work on my next cut as soon as I'm more comfortable with how to edit so I can focus more on the artistic decisions rather than google searching all night trying to find how to do something. If the weather cooperates this weekend, I'm also going to go to a pretty neat area and get some footage of my own!
  3. I just went through the video again and realized I never even added the Statue of Liberty! I started with the base of it and never showed any more of it! lol
  4. Ok I'm pretty lost and frustrated and have no idea if I'm getting this right. I uploaded my video and here is the link: The password is awaken My video using your clips is my first and the feel I was going for is a day in New York. I made the transitions in places that I wanted to change the "mood" of the images. One instance of this is near the beginning as the sun hits the city. There is a subtle change in the music as the sun shines and lights different streets. While I feel pretty lost in the process I am really enjoying the editing and look forward to having some of my own clips to edit from the beginning. Any critiques welcome!!
  5. Well I have gone through the Post-Production course and have finished my first video. I am so new to all of this and have no footage of my own to use so Christian, I used your clips. I want to upload the video on Vimeo but not sure if that's ok using your footage. I've also never uploaded a video other than to Facebook so hopefully I can figure it out! While following along with the tutorial, I took a little different interpretation of the clips and where to transition and would love all the feedback you can provide! Let me know how to set the privacy and I'll attempt to upload. AND thanks!
  6. I use Lightroom. It has great organizational features plus the editing capabilities are almost unlimited. You can keyword and organize in whatever structure you prefer and search for individual photos by what ever criteria you decide on. Of course this is for photos but you can also store videos in it but just no editing.
  7. Thanks! Got it! Also, am I posting in the correct section? Should I have started a new thread? Not too familiar with forums and where to post. Thanks!
  8. Found the answer to my first bar under used clips. It is under View - Browser - Used Media Ranges
  9. Also I think related when adding transitions, it does not show both clips and the transition between them. Under Preferences, the option Show Detailed Trimming Feedback is checked. There also is no orange bar showing the rendering in the timeline. Am I missing a preference or checkbox somewhere? Thanks, Paula
  10. I'm currently going through the course Module 2 Working in Timeline Part 1 and one thing I haven't been able to find is the orange line under the clips showing what clips have been added to the timeline. I'm guessing it's a feature that is turned off in the upgraded version or maybe missing in general. I also noticed a blue line was showing in the section Final Cut Pro 10.2 vs 10.3. Are there new menu options for marking the clips. Thanks for any help. It might be really helpful if somewhere there could be a section that shows preferences or system settings that we might have set different than yours if that is something that might cause us to not have the same features showing. Thanks! Paula