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  1. I'm using an Ipad Air with the DJI Go app. I wasn't able to switch to 4k with the Ipad so I switched over to my Android phone and it worked. I hooked the Ipad back up and the setting stayed on 4k. When I got the drone up and flying and went to take a picture it switched from 4k to 1080. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Wanted to see if anyone had any experience and/or success with any of the Dronebase residential jobs. I've seen mixed reviews and wanted to see if it was a legit opportunity or not.
  3. Wow, this looks awesome. After looking at the price I may not be in the market for a MacBook as much as I thought, ha. Any suggestions for other brands besides Apple or even an iMac? Thanks again for all the great information.
  4. Thanks for the info. I don't know about all of the specs so could you tell me what I'm looking for as far as processor, RAM, etc.? Also, are the refurbished products straight from Apple reliable if I go that route?
  5. I just passed Part 107 and am now looking for a computer that can handle the video editing and photography. I have a Phantom 4 and want to make sure I have a computer that is capable of handling the 4K video. It would be nice to have a laptop that I can carry around with me, but I'm also not opposed to a desk top if that is better. I am somewhat looking for an excuse to buy an Apple product, whether it's a MacBook or a desk top, but if there is something out there besides an Apple that can do the job it might be nice to save some money. What are your suggestions?