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  1. Hi there Christian! Very sorry for the late reply. I have been very busy studying and have now just finished most of the cinematography course. So to answer your question, ultimately I would like work for a company who focuses on aerial videography or have my own production company. I really am at the stage where I am trying to get more experience to show potential employers my work to me get a start in this industry, because it doesn't seem so easy! At the moment I am willing to do any type of aerial work that becomes available from real estate to events. Also, I have started working with a friend who produces wedding videos, and I suggested adding some drone footage in to help enhance the production value and to help give a different perspective. So to sum up, this reel was put together to try and tell a short story with the best footage I had so far. I have gone through the answers from the course and posted them below: Questions from final assignment: What NLE did you use to edit your piece? I used Final Cut Pro 10.3 to do all editing for this piece. What resolution did you edit in? I edited all my footage in 4k or 3840x2160 29.97p Did you decide to showcase all of your capabilities with UAS or just a specific area? If a specific area, which one? (i.e. Motion Picture Filming) I tried to approach this showcase with an open mind. I have been filming at many different locations over the past year, and thought I would grab the best/most artistic shots for the assignment. I did want to recreate a ‘motion picture’ type feeling when filming most of my footage. I tried to do this by making all my shots very slow and include nice reveals. Not sure if I pulled it off, lost more practise to do, however I feel like I have learnt so much over the past year. Also I feel i helped achieve this cinematic feel by changing the aspect ratio to ‘black’ of the top and bottom of each clip, once completing the editing. Finally, one thing that I constantly tried to do was keep peoples attention! Hence the short clips (mainly around 2 - 4 seconds). People have such a short attention span + other movies to watch, why would they want to watch mine? How did you decide on which music track to use for your piece? I found this track through a friend and thought it would be usable for this piece. How did you decide on the feel you would want your piece to take on? I decided to choose a track that had a uplifting feeling that would help accentuate the more organic type of shots that I had created. Pretty much everything that i included in this reel was focused on natural scenery and was focused on areas without man made structures/buildings. What is the story you are telling through your footage? The story I am telling is pretty much just a short insight into the beautiful natural landscapes we have here in Melbourne/Australia. I tried to start off with the mostly green rolling hills, then build up to the more rugged mountainous regions out of Melbourne, then come back to some more magical footage of the castles (I actually filmed in the UK), then come back and finish on a nice backwards reveal of a nice sunset. What are 3 important lessons you learned from editing this video that you know will help you in future videos? 1. Editing takes time! When starting out on this project I had no knowledge of FCP apart from Christians videos. Along with youtube and some friends advice, about a week later I started to get the hang of it. 2. It helps to have a plan before you start! 3. I will know only shoot in d-log or log footage in the future. I found this gave me the ability to enhance the colour of my footage in post-production. ******************************** QUESTIONS I WOULD LOVE ANSWERED: - I have tried to teach myself davinci resolve + FCP with the XML roundtrip, but to no avail. Is this a good way to colour grade? I dont really like colour grading in FCP as it seems quite limited. - What do you think I should cut or change? - How is the flow? - Should I of used more or less dissolves/cross fades? I would love everyone to watch my video and give any feedback! Im here to learn, as we all are, so I would very much appreciate it Also a big thanks to you Christian for an awesome learning experience! ********************************
  2. Not sure how to edit posts here on this forum, however I needed to update my video. You can find the updated version here:
  3. Hey Chris (and the rest of the community) This is the first reel I have put together and Im looking for some feedback. Any advice would be very much accepted. Thanks in advance! https://youtu.be/8KVRoDkkpyk