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  1. What NLE did you use to edit your piece? Final Cut Pro What resolution did you edit in? 1080p Did you decide to showcase all of your capabilities with UAS or just a specific area? If a specific area, which one? (i.e. Motion Picture Filming) This is my first video ever. I wanted to learn how to edit some of the footage I was getting with the drone. Just wanted to highlight some of the beautiful landscapes we have around the Chesapeake Bay. How did you decide on which music track to use for your piece? The music may be a little intense for this project. I wanted an epic score for a sizzle reel but I had so much cool footage of the Chesapeake I ended up just using it for the project as well. How did you decide on the feel you would want your piece to take on? I wanted a lot of warm colors and golden hour shots to create a little drama to go along with the music. What is the story you are telling through your footage? Just day in the life of our childhood. You see my brother take the boat out and head out for an adventure. A lot of sights you might see or feel when you get out in the Bay. What are 3 important lessons you learned from editing this video that you know will help you in future videos. Music choice is important. Match the transitions to the feel of the video. I consciously used a lot of jump cuts instead of cross dissolves as I think it played to the feel of the video better. Take more time planning the order of shots. Go through and favorite clips and organize them first. It saves time down the road. I had a lot of fun with this project. It was a good way for me to learn Final Cut Pro. Carter
  2. Some blogs and videos suggest shooting in DJI's "d-log" video mode. The rational is that it's easier to work with in post production. Any comments/thoughts/suggestions here? What are your favorite settings to use? (Let's say it's a "golden hour" shot if you need a specific scenario).