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  1. I am in Canada, Ontario 45min east of Toronto
  2. Hello all, Got into drones about 7 months ago and realized I loved flying these machines. Started out with a low end Galileo Quad flying it around for a few weeks, upgraded to Phantom 4 and got hooked. Decided to go to a drone academy, best move I ever made. Got my level 3 Advanced Commercial UAV Operator Certificate and my restricted aeronautical radio licence. Currently setting up a small aerial photography business (UAVISTA) and getting all my paperwork in order to go live by next spring. Going to use the winter to learn post production video editing in order to create a sellable end product. I will be focusing on real estate "aerial photography" to start as this is a part time business. I'm employed full time as a team leader in the auto industry. Joined this forum today because of the excellent information content. Fly Safe!