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  1. Exactly the information I was looking for spitfire76, thank you for your thoughts and time. It sounds like the FC is the ultimate mixer the way I use my radio mixing for elevons on my flying wing glider. I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've been able to log in to this site but between work and family free time is a challenge. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Thanks to you Alan and Bruno for your posts. Can you or anyone point me to an area of the site or provide a link where I can find a basic design overview, with an outline of the components required for the building of a drone structurally and electronically. I would like to start trying to understand what those components are, how they work together and a schematic or wiring diagram of how to connect everything. I love to build balsa and ply airplanes with carbon fiber for strength. I've restored some old Tube style radios so I know something about electronics and soldering. Some things I've seen while reading is that some drones will auto level using a gyro and hover when your return the sticks to the center position. I also saw something that sounded like they fly back to their original starting location if they lose the connection with the transmitter which seems amazing but maybe I'm not correct on that. I understand ESC's, brush-less motors, receivers and lipo batteries enough to build a fixed wing electric powered plane but like Bruno said the Drone doesn't have servos and so something has to control the ESC's and translate stick movement to flying. Bruno sent me a link to a Flight control board with an external programmer that mentions the auto level and gyro but I can't imagine that is all I need?? How does the camera control work if you have a 3 pivot gimbals? Does anyone put a directional mic and speaker on their drone for audio?? Have you ever heard of someone making a drone that hovers and can transition to a kind of fixed wing flight by rotating the props 90 degrees like a harrier transitions its power from vertical to horizontal propulsion. I know I'm getting way ahead of myself but these are things I am wondering. I just ordered the RealFlight Drone simulator to start working on my pilot skills in the meantime. I"m seeing DJI phantom 3 drones all over for $400 for the basic package. I really would like to use my Futaba 8J radio and receivers rather than whatever the package includes so is there a way to buy these drones but utilize your own radio and receiver? I can't afford the FPV goggles but would like to use my iPhone 6 or my iPad Air 2 for FPV if possible. Thanks in advance, Thomas
  3. Bruno, Thank you for all the information! This is awesome, Your drones look awesome too!! I will start working with the links you provided and I'm sure I will take you up on your offer for help. I have limited time to spend on this but it is so exciting to be actually starting to work on it. I'm really glad I found this forum. Really appreciate your reply!
  4. Hello, I would like to fly a drone in my yard which is 1/3 of an acre so I think it is large enough. I am totally new to this aspect of RC flying so I am hoping to figure out how I can do this by participating in your forum. I have Futaba 8 Channel 8J 2.4 ghz aircraft radio that I would like to use with the drone. I have receivers that I use with my fixed wing aircraft. Is there a receiver ready version, ARF or kit version or plans that are recommended for an entry level beginner pilot. My only experience is with fixed wing aircraft that are electric and glow powered. I have built all the planes I own from ARF kits and some from scratch. Thank you in advance, Thomas