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  1. Ranger Jenkins - thank you for your reply. It is very helpful and accurate. George Fitzgerald - yes I have. Interestingly, 4th amendment issues become the main area of concern after settling on an actual mission definition. Each of you, I appreciate your input. Nick
  2. Ed, thank you for your thoughtful response. I appreciate your willingness to help me clarify my thoughts. I'm interested in learning about any law enforcement operation currently using a drone and finding out how their drone is being used. I don't have a specific mission in mind other than the broad mission called surveillance, but would like to know what missions are being specifically identified by units who are actual users. Traditionally, an airborne law enforcement unit's mission will cover everything from traffic interdiction, surveillance/ drug enforcement surveillance, EMS tr
  3. Alan, good question. On initial investigation, it looks as though most of the drones are very "light duty" - time on station, distance from operator, wind limitations etc. That doesn't mean there isn't a good mission for this type of drone, but it's clearly not a replacement for a helicopter - as some have suggested. Sooo... I thought talking with an actual law enforcement operator or manufacturer might help who actually sells to law enforcement agencies might be a good place to start. Thanks for your interest. I'm open to any ideas. I have to check out for today. Best regards Nick
  4. I'm new to the world of drones and would like to know if anyone has advice as to the best drone/ manufacturer for domestic law enforcement? I'm overwhelmed by the number of manufacturers. Thanks. Nick