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  1. Hi. Does anyone know if the built in remote tablet will accept 3rd part apps(for waypoints,flight planning ,etc)? Thanks!
  2. Hey, great info, many thanks. I am planning on using Agisoft Photoscan to process. I have rtk rovers so GCPs are not an issue. Does DJI provide AGLs for the Z value? These reviews on the original P4 were something that I noticed on Amazon...
  3. Hi, I asked Alan this question and he wanted me to post it to benefit others.... I am a 3DR guy looking at DJI products for survey quality mapping, but, the rumor is that DJI is really for video? Does anyone know of a robust, third party app that will control way point surveys with DJI, similar to mission planner – that is not tied to a subscription/processing service? I have seen some chatter where people suspect some of these apps are causing flyaways and on that subject.... Amazon reviews have a fair amount of negative comments on the old P4 in terms of flyaways, crashes and bad batteries. Should I be concerned? Thanks!