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  1. So I changed the landing gear on my quad, I think it looks a lot better. Still haven't had a chance to fly it yet, weather here in New England has been VERY crazy lately. I still have a few small tweaks to do with it anyway...
  2. Not sure what you mean by "joining you". I don't mind helping out if you have questions... not even sure where you are located...
  3. Wow, that's funny... No, for me left/right was still good, just forward/reverse was backwards. Had to order a new motor, so can't fly till it comes in. Supposed to be pretty crappy weather here for most of the week anyway...
  4. I did actually, this afternoon... The flight went well... for a while... lol... I was making sure to be VERY careful with it, it handles SO MUCH harder than a Phantom. After getting it off the ground, I found out (almost the hard way...) that the Pixhawk has a weird issue that, in effect, reverses the Elevator (channel 2). When you move the stick forward, your quad should go forward, same as if you pull the stick back, the quad should go backwards. Well... the default for the Pixhawx is reversed. So I had to fly it that way for the whole 2 minute flight. The bad (well, could have b
  5. Total weight before adding my GoPro is 1768g. I use a 500maH 4S battery, and it is strapped on the bottom of the quad.
  6. So after 3 months of 3D printing, parts gathering, and continued configuration, I think I am FINALLY just about done with my build. It's a Crossfire 2 from the Thingiverse web site. Here is the parts list: Parts list: Pixhawk flight controller FrSky X8R Lumenier 30A ESC with SimonK SunnySky V2216-12 KV800 II motors HQ 11x4.5 props (not mounted...) Turnigy 500Mwh 4S battery 3Dr GPS/Compass ImmersionRC 600mW video Tx 600tvl FPV camera FrSky FRVSS Battery sensor FrSky Variometer sensor Taranis X9D Plus radio controller with OpenTX At one point I did get it o
  7. You are correct about the GoPro Wi-Fi. I have a Phantom 2 with a Zenmuse gimbal for my GoPro, and the #1 rule is to NEVER have the Wi-Fi on the GoPro turned on while flying, it messes with the 2.4Ghz that you use to control the quad, so bad things could happen. Maybe you can somehow get the video on an iPad or Android tablet, then stream it out from there, maybe a Periscope/Meerkat thing..?
  8. I had the same issue with my build, except the motors didn't spin at all. Took 2 weeks of research to figure out that the throttle limits in the Turnigy 9x controller that I was using had to be increased from the default 100% to 120% on both max throttle and min throttle. Apparently my ESC's are active between 1060 and 1840 (or close to that from what I remember...) but in Mission Planner (using a Pixhawk) the throttle limits were roughly 1070 to 1800, so they needed to be adjusted. When increasing the throttle limits on the Turnigy it set low to about 975 and high to about 1950, and BOOM! My
  9. A big thing was how configurable the Pixhawk flight controller is, but doing a basic config was pretty easy. Also, a huge problem I had was that I couldn't get the motors spinning... took 2 weeks of research and forum posts to find out that I had to increase the throttle limits on my controller, it wasn't going high/low enough to trigger the ESC's to spin the motors. Then you learn about ESC's with BEC's, PDB's, and all of the alphabet soup that comes with it. I also found out that you shouldn't put your GPS/Compass module (the "3DR" square on the top") too close to the Pixhawk since it m
  10. kenjancef

    Drone plans

    I didn't budget anything really... I knew I was going to spend some money, so I just saved, and bought as I went along. The 2 biggest things I splurged on was the Pixhawk flight controller, and the Taranis X9D Plus controller. Everything else was pretty average. And being that I have access to 4 3D printers helped a bit too! The Pixhawk and Taranis were the most expensive parts... I could have gone way less with those. But I knew that I'd want the functionality from both, so I just went for it. The only other piece that was a little expensive was the 3DR uBlox GPS/Compass, that was about
  11. kenjancef

    My current build

    I am about 75% done with my first scratch-built quad: Crossfire 2 It is so awesome to learn about the different components and how they work together. What's not awesome is getting hooked into this hobby and over-spending on components. In any event...after some issues with getting the motors spinning, I finally got it off the ground in a VERY short test flight. Now I am finalizing my choice of receivers, and also going to mount LED lights and playing with telemetry. It's really a fun project. The picture is about 2 weeks old. I have since mounted the motors and props, but it still l
  12. I am building/printing one that was already designed, but I would assume that you would first take into account the size of the drone, and what you are looking for it to do. Racing drone? FPV drone? Just something that flies? Then think about the components and their sizes. For example, flight controllers are different sizes, so choose one and make sure your design fits. Also think about PDB (power distribution boards), compass/GPS, and the rest. Look online at other builds to get ideas...
  13. As Dronie said, does it turn at all? Check your ESC connections (solder points and such). Also, it could just be a bad motor. Remove your props, swap out that motor with one that works and fire it up to see what happens.