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  1. I actually included that in my request and finally got my authorization that contained that requirement. The thing is - these radios are line of sight. They work great in the air, but not so much while on the ground with buildings and trees between you and the tower. I mainly listening for traffic already in the air and hope I can occasionally get the tower. Again, a requirement that sounds great but, may in fact not be the solution everyone thinks it is.
  2. Wow. Let me re-phrase: If you need to fly commercially and legally (and I'm not suggesting anyone fly illegally) sooner rather than later, AND your issue is with airspace - file for an Airspace Authorization. If you want results similar to what was mentioned (I.e. an actual approval or response) - file for an airspace authorization. If you are looking for a waiver from certain airspace rules - so you don't have to request an authorization every time you need one, file it if you want. Don't expect a response soon. Or ever. Or, who knows? To clarify further - If you need some other type
  3. As I have recently discovered, if you are applying for a waiver - don't. Even if that seems like what you should be applying for. Even if an FAA Rep told you to apply for a waiver. Apply for an AUTHORIZATION. I resubmitted for an authorization last week. We'll see if I have better luck.
  4. Alas, I wish I were. I understand clearly the difference. What I did not know (and only assumed by the lack of communication) until today was that they were not considering "waivers". I spoke to an FAA rep months ago when I first tried to file for a waiver. I made a mistake on the initial application (filed for both authorization and waiver). We talked, and based on my explanation to him, i was told that a waiver is the approproate request. I just don't remember seeing any specific communication about waivers not being reviewed. That was the last substantive conversation I've had with the FAA
  5. Did you request a "waiver" or "authorization"? What you got sounded more like a waiver, by it sounds like you asked for an authorization. I am now going on 94 days without a peep from the "less than perfect" system. It's been 3 weeks since I filed it again - also with no word. I might try filing for an authorization.
  6. I didn't mean to suggest that people should fly illegally. I am only illustrating the absurdity of this system. Rules were created to purportedly create a safer environment for manned and unmanned aircraft to coexist. The reality is that it has not done that. It is just more beuracracy that is only serving to inhibit those that are playing by the rules. You are correct that the current system is not perfect. In fact, it is not even remotely close to acceptable. With all that said, I agree with playing by the rules - even if "the rules" put folks out of business before they c
  7. I have filed two identical airspace waiver requests. The first was 80 days ago, the second two weeks ago. I filed the second one because nobody at the FAA had contacted me, nor could/would they give me any confirmation that it was being considered. I have not received one unsolicited response or inquiry from the FAA on either request. The closest thing I got was a response to an email I sent after filing the second request that said "it is in the queue"....whatever that means. I suspect it means they don't know; otherwise, I highly suspect I would have been contacted by now. Here are yo