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  1. Stunning footage off the beach. And the editing is superb. My wife and I enjoyed this on Sunday.
  2. My P4 has a range for video that far exceeds my line of sight. If a software option allowed me to have the track and position be recorded on the Google map, at least I would have a closer idea of where the drone went down. If it flew out of mapping downlink range, then yes, I would have to have a low powered transmitter on the drone. At the moment I have a TILE attached to the top.... but I realize that will probably not be successful in many cases. I have a phone number and the words: REWARD for RETURN... on a sticker.... but that is counting on some basic honesty that may be lacking thes
  3. Since my P4 has a gps receiver.... and my position is shown on a map, could DJI not create software that creates a track line or breadcrumbs on a map. Wherever the signal stops moving should be easy to locate. Or am I missing something in my logic?
  4. Just joined the forum from Prescott, AZ. I fly a P4 and rated under part 107. I simply added it to my ATP/CFI ratings. The P4 stability is amazing. Video shots are rock steady. Do members find that 60 fps slows things to good effect for buildings? Or just shoot standard frame rates and pan slowly? What video editing software for dummies is suggested? Mostly just need to clip and crop. Thanks for any replies and have a great Turkey Day.