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  1. As of February, 25 2019 registration ID markings must be on the outside of the aircraft https://www.faa.gov/news/updates/?newsId=93045
  2. Spitfire76

    Flight Controller Recommendations

    I would say that the Pixhawk 2.1 (the cube) is still the go to flight controller. There has been some newer ones but "the Cube" has been around a few years now and so has a proven record. You might want to check out this post for more details. Note: I think Philip (ProfiCNC) that designed that flight controller recently dropped the name Pixhawk and now just call it the Cube".
  3. Spitfire76

    Win a job at DJI !

    Interesting report from Bloomberg's video series "Hello World" on DJI's robomaster challenge https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2019-01-17/china-s-high-stakes-robot-wars-video https://www.robomaster.com/en-US
  4. Spitfire76

    CES 2019 Keynote

    Seems like the big thing this year is the promise of 5G. Mariah Scott, Skyward president talks about UAVs and 5G (around 25 mins into the keynote)
  5. Spitfire76

    City Park Ordinance

    They do but I imagine that cities or states can regulate what happens on their property and of course a drone needs to take off and land somewhere. Notice the wording in that city ordinance.
  6. Spitfire76

    City Park Ordinance

    I only just noticed that our city prohibits any form of flying, without a permit, a manned or unmanned arial vehicle in any of its parks with the exception of kites and party balloons. 8.02.200 Park use regulations. A. No person shall, unless first obtaining a permit in accordance with Section 8.02.300 of this code, within any city park: 11. Bring, land or cause to ascend or descend or alight within a park any airplane, helicopter, flying machine, balloon (party balloons excepted), parachute or other apparatus for aviation (manned or unmanned). This provision is not intended to restrict kite flying. It is possible to obtain a permit to fly in certain areas of 3 designated city parks. https://www.roseville.ca.us/cms/one.aspx?portalId=7964922&pageId=13499979 The permit is just $5 per year but is required even if the UAV weighs under 250g.
  7. Spitfire76

    Erle Brain 3

    This looks like a good place to start. http://docs.erlerobotics.com/brains/erle-brain-3/getting_started
  8. Spitfire76

    Pixhawk not being recognized by Windows 10

    Have you tried installing these drivers ? https://www.silabs.com/products/development-tools/software/usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers
  9. An interesting episode of Commercial Drones FM in which Ian Smith's guest is CCN's go to drone guy, Greg Agvent. It looks like CCN also has to use the Vantage Robotics drone if the mission includes flying over people. Their waiver also stipulates a maximum altitude of 150ft and only in G airspace. http://commercialdrones.fm/podcast/cnn-air-greg-agvent-drone-journalism/
  10. Spitfire76

    Cheerson CX-20 Build

    I am not that familiar with the CX-20 but have built several of my own drones using open source software. Do you know if the CX-20 is running a version of ArduCopter ?. What ground control station software are you using ?. Is it Mission Planner ? Cheers Richard
  11. Spitfire76

    Vanuatu RPAS Law & Rules

    @drone vu were you involved with Swoop using drones to deliver vaccines to a Vanuatu remote island ? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-46616004
  12. Spitfire76

    Drones for Education

    @Mike CoddingtonI just found out about this new challenge that you might find interesting. https://www.cnydrones.org
  13. Spitfire76

    Curious about drones

    Since you are located in Mexico this may help. https://uavcoach.com/drone-laws-in-mexico/
  14. Spitfire76

    Curious about drones

    Welcome to this forum. Will it be a hobby or do you have plans to fly commercially ?.
  15. Spitfire76

    2018 Predictions for the Drone Industry

    Apart from the certainty of a lot of folks having to renew part 107 certification none of my predictions for 2018 were correct. Even the word "renew" was not entirly correct as I learnt from this forum that the part 107 certification never expires unless the FAA revokes it for a good reason but of course in order to continue to fly commercially the recurrent test has to be passed if its 24 months or more since passing the initial test. So what about 2019 ?. Maybe need to start a new thread for that but thought it would be good to first see if any of our predictions were correct for 2018.