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  1. You are never too old to get into this as a hobby or even commercially. I am a lot older than you and started in this hobby back in 2013 and at that time you did need to build your own drone but of course the technology has come a long way since then and off the shelf drones are much easier to fly. It is though worth practicing on a relative cheap drone before spending a lot of money on a more advanced one. Personally though I still prefer to build my own but that's no longer needed to learn to fly.
  2. Spitfire76


    I am not sure about those parms as I have never had to change them. What is important though for the compass is the calibration. http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-compass-calibration-in-mission-planner.html I found this to be easier if you place the drone on an office chair that can be rotated. Place it in a box when its upside down. Its also better to do this with the radio telemetry and not using the USB cable.
  3. Spitfire76


    I would not worry too much about having the compass/GPS not being exactly at the COG. What's important is to have the compass away from any electrical interference and the GPS an unobstructed view of the sky which if you have the module mounted 15cm above the platform is just fine. Of course the IMU in the flight controller works better if its located as close to the COG as possible.
  4. I replied to your recent post in the above thread. I imagine though that the Sky Viper is too small to add an onboard companion computer but I believe that you could use the Pi as a remote computer to run python scripts.
  5. http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/skyviper.html It does look like their later version uses ArduPilot software and is currently on Amazon for less than $100. http://sky-viper.com/journey/
  6. This is a question that has often been asked in the forum and there are several threads that you might want to check out. For example.
  7. Yes there is a Mavic Mini in this video - these guys have way too much fun. I've built several of their foam board plane designs although much smaller than this one.
  8. I agree with @Av8Chuck 's suggestion of checking out http://ardupilot.org/copter/index.html. You can even setup an environment using their simulator to test your python scripts without having to use any drone hardware. http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/sitl-simulator-software-in-the-loop.html#sitl-simulator-software-in-the-loop
  9. In that case I don't understand either why its not working. I have the same settings and mine works fine although I am only testing it on the bench as the landing gear is no longer mounted on my drone. One thing that you could try is to go to the "servo" area of the flight data menu and select the "low" and "high" buttons on servo 9. This should set the output to 1100 and 1900 respectively and in my case the landing gear does deploy and retract.
  10. Randy Goers interviews Ian Smith, CEO of Ware, a startup using drones to capture data for warehouse inventory tracking. http://droneradioshow.com/can-a-drone-make-warehouses-more-efficient/
  11. I have the same settings if you really meant SERVO9_MIN: 1100 Does open mean deployed and closed mean retracted ? (of course the landing gear needs to be "deployed" for landing) Are these the values that you see in the status display when you operate the landing gear switch on you transmitter and is it 982 when the switch is down (deployed) and 2006 when the switch is up (retracted) ? What are the values of ch9out with the switch down and up ?
  12. @erfan just to add to my previous post a good way to check value output of a particular output channel go to the flight data screen of Mission Planner and select "status". For example I had my landing gear controller connected to the first aux channel which corresponds to ch9out.
  13. Authors and readers of this thread maybe also interested in this startup's technology.