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  1. and his another from the FTCA after their recent trip to D.C
  2. I would use it as a mini search drone to find downed model RC planes at my local AMA club field. It can be really difficult to find crashed planes and club members, including myself, have had to walk around the field for over a hour to locate an aircraft as typically they are not equipped with GPS. I was planning to use one of my home built drones for this purpose but they are large and take up valuable plane space in my car. Cheers Richard
  3. I've submitted by comments to the FAA. Have you ?
  4. Latest update from the recently formed Flite Test Community Association (FTCA). https://ftca.flitetest.com
  5. Any thoughts about this from DJI ? I believe there is still a privacy issue here since anyone can locate you and your drone. They could harass you even though you maybe flying legally. I can also see pilots targeted for robbery.
  6. I added this to the main thread on the FAAs proposed rule for remote id but thought it deserved its own thread as the first one was getting very long. This is the sort of publicity we need. Credit to Bruce for finding this gem of a youtube video
  7. Here is one of the main supplier of model RC aircraft's take on remote ID.
  8. Here is yet another discussion about making comments on the NPRM. This one is from Bobby Watts who owns https://wattsinnovations.com a small US company making heavy lift drones.
  9. There was a special episode of the AMA podcast with an update on remote id. https://www.modelaircraft.org/podcast They are getting together with several manufacturers and retailers to form a Government Advocacy Coalition. https://www.modelaircraft.org/govcoalition Also they and others had requested an extension to the public comment period but its been denied by the FAA so March 2 is still the deadline for public comment.
  10. Here is the lasted video from the Flite Test Community Association (FTCA) with their advice on how to comment on the FAA's proposed rule for remote ID.
  11. What flight stack are you running px4 or Ardupilot ?. If Ardupilot are you performing this procedure to arm the motors ? https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/arming_the_motors.html Typically the motors will be prevented from arming if one or more pre-arm checks fail https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-prearm-safety-checks.html
  12. Likely someone wanting to make a case for the FAA's remote ID proposal.