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  1. Hi Kevin, that's a really good question but I don't know the answer. As you may know the FAA repealed section 336 in the FAA reauthorization act of 2018 although as far as I know the rule changes are still in transition. Have you checked with the AMA since they organize a lot of competitions ?.
  2. Welcome @Klee Miller to this forum - Richard, Northern California.
  3. I am not sure but maybe Greg's class would cover that NDVI map analysis. https://www.scholarfarms.com
  4. Hello Forrest and welcome to this forum - Richard, Northern California
  5. Yes you can although you need to tell the test center that you are not a US citizen and of course your nationality. Apart from your nationality being printed on your remote pilot's certificate I don't see any real difference.
  6. This podcast that I often listen to may help. Chris, himself a photographer and commercial drone pilot, interviews commercial drone pilots from around the world. https://thedronetrainer.com/drone-trainer-podcast/
  7. These guys may have come up with the best VTOL design so far..... https://www.pterodynamics.com/
  8. Some interesting news from Nvidia announcing a small and cheaper board for machine learning. https://blog.hackster.io/introducing-the-nvidia-jetson-nano-aaa9738ef3ff
  9. @Jacques the newbee glad it helps. I forgot to mention that the heart icon at the bottom right allows you to express how you feel about the post - like, sad, confused, haha or thanks.
  10. Hello @ABCdarian and welcome to the forum. As its been said on this forum many time before its not about the drone but the information it collects and more importantly how well that information can be analyzed to provide real value to a customer. For this reason I believe it really helps if you already have experience in the industry that you are serving like surveying, tower inspection etc, even photography as a drone is really just another camera. It just seems easier for someone already in say, roof inspection, to add a drone to their tool kit instead of a drone pilot trying to learn how to inspect roofs. I know that this sounds a bit discouraging but maybe someone that has been successful in earning a living in the drone industry can be more positive.
  11. I don't recall seeing any tutorial on using this forum. So in a nutshell.... Once you select "community" in the top menu it will show the different categories that @Alan Perlman setup. If you "START NEW TOPIC" from here it will ask you which category to post it in. Alternatively you can first select the category and then "START NEW TOPIC" to post in that category. In the post screen enter a title, tags and text. You can add files to the body of the post but there is a limit on the file size but I don't recall what it was but it will let you know if you exceed it. For videos its better to just add the URL. The quote button will add that post to your reply which is what I did above. This is useful if you are replying to a specific post and not the previous one. The bottom left has a "notify me of replies" and if you select this it will send you and email notification when someone adds to that thread of posts. Once you have created a post or submitted a reply to a post you have a certain time to edit it but after that timeout you can not edit or delete it. I use the top right "unread" a lot as it does just that and displays all unread posts in all categories. Hope this helps Richard
  12. A new real sense tracking camera from Intel https://realsense.intel.com/tracking-camera/
  13. Hello @Jacques the newbee and welcome to this forum. I don't believe that the 5G is referring to the new generation of cell phone technology but the WiFI frequency of 5 Gigahertz instead of 2.4 Gigahertz. For example some WiFi routers will support both 2.4 Gig and 5 Gig as 5 tends to be less crowded and so less venerable to interference. Since on these small drones the controller is a typically a smart phone I think you should be ok if you phone can operate at that WiFi frequency.
  14. Hello @Kate This link to the FAA website shows what is required by foreign UAV operators wanting to fly in this country. https://www.faa.gov/uas/resources/foreign_operators/ According to the above it looks like there is a bit more to it than just obtaining a Part 107 certificate.
  15. Recent hearing on the future of US air transportation
  16. Just about to read this white paper on remote id that Kittyhawk.io just published. https://kittyhawk.io/remote-id/
  17. Interesting news, Kittyhawk,io to design new B4UFLY app for the FAA https://kittyhawk.io/blog/faa-selects-kittyhawk-as-sole-provider-of-new-b4ufly-application/
  18. @Dronecity if I understand correctly you have one motor that does not spin up. You have replaced that motor twice but it still does not work. If that's the case maybe its the ESC that drives that motor that failed, possibly burning out when the motor was damaged in the crash. You could always remove one of the working ESCs and move it to that position to check.
  19. As of February, 25 2019 registration ID markings must be on the outside of the aircraft https://www.faa.gov/news/updates/?newsId=93045
  20. I would say that the Pixhawk 2.1 (the cube) is still the go to flight controller. There has been some newer ones but "the Cube" has been around a few years now and so has a proven record. You might want to check out this post for more details. Note: I think Philip (ProfiCNC) that designed that flight controller recently dropped the name Pixhawk and now just call it the Cube".
  21. Interesting report from Bloomberg's video series "Hello World" on DJI's robomaster challenge https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2019-01-17/china-s-high-stakes-robot-wars-video https://www.robomaster.com/en-US
  22. Seems like the big thing this year is the promise of 5G. Mariah Scott, Skyward president talks about UAVs and 5G (around 25 mins into the keynote)
  23. They do but I imagine that cities or states can regulate what happens on their property and of course a drone needs to take off and land somewhere. Notice the wording in that city ordinance.
  24. I only just noticed that our city prohibits any form of flying, without a permit, a manned or unmanned arial vehicle in any of its parks with the exception of kites and party balloons. 8.02.200 Park use regulations. A. No person shall, unless first obtaining a permit in accordance with Section 8.02.300 of this code, within any city park: 11. Bring, land or cause to ascend or descend or alight within a park any airplane, helicopter, flying machine, balloon (party balloons excepted), parachute or other apparatus for aviation (manned or unmanned). This provision is not intended to restrict kite flying. It is possible to obtain a permit to fly in certain areas of 3 designated city parks. https://www.roseville.ca.us/cms/one.aspx?portalId=7964922&pageId=13499979 The permit is just $5 per year but is required even if the UAV weighs under 250g.
  25. This looks like a good place to start. http://docs.erlerobotics.com/brains/erle-brain-3/getting_started