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  1. 5 hours ago, Sana said:

    Hello , I'm an engineering student and I have to design a drone controller using raspberry pi .. so do you have any useful research or links to follow up to built mu controller  

    Hello @Sana and welcome to the forum.

    To use a Pi as a FC you need of course to add sensors (gyro, accelerometer, etc) that are typically built into a FC like the Pixhawk but it looks like there is still a solution from 


    Like most I personally prefer to use a Pi as a "companion computer" connected to a FC like the Pixhawk. 

    Maybe you could provide some more details about your project and what you need to demonstrate to your professors. 

  2. There was a special episode of the AMA podcast with an update on remote id.


    They are getting together with several manufacturers and retailers to form a Government Advocacy Coalition.


    Also they and others had requested an extension to the public comment period but its been denied by the FAA so March 2 is still the deadline for public comment.

  3. On 1/20/2020 at 12:25 PM, Ali Budebs said:

    Hi there as the title says the motors of the drone will not arm at all. not sure what to do but any help would be great. The motors are receiving power so I'm not sure what is wrong. using a pixlhawk 4. thanks in advance

    What flight stack are you running px4 or Ardupilot ?. If Ardupilot are you performing this procedure to arm the motors ?


    Typically the motors will be prevented from arming if one or more pre-arm checks fail


  4. 1 hour ago, Dave Pitman said:

    Many groups over time loose those attributes that made them a good choice when they were younger.  Why it happens?  Probably a lot to do with human nature, I guess.  

    I guess your right and I know that the AMA has been around for a long time and have done a great deal for the hobby in the past. Maybe they became somewhat complacent over the years since they were the only RC model association in the US. I also think that they realize that they have let their members down by failing to protect the hobby and are trying their best to correct the situation but it can only help things by having more representation with associations like Josh is establishing. If you notice he mentioned on that video they have 800,000 US youtube subscribers. That's 4 times the AMA membership. Ok maybe not all would be willing to pay for membership but even if it 2x or 3x that is still a lot more than the AMA.

    I already have introduced my 2 year old grandson to the hobby by building him a chuck glider from FliteTest out of one sheet of Dollar Tree foam board. I hope to introduce him to build and fly more advanced aircraft as he gets older - FAA permitting!


  5. 5 hours ago, Dave Pitman said:

    BTW, the AMA gal was pretty weak, IMHO.


    4 hours ago, Av8Chuck said:

    I agree.  

    Like most AMA members I pay $75/year (there are slightly lower fees for young and old) membership. Ok, it provides insurance and is mandatory for me to fly at a local RC club which I pay a further $120/year. I understand that they have around 200,000 members and so lets say the average fee for AMA membership is $60. That is an annual revenue of $12 million if my math is correct. Apart from buying stuff from FliteTest I don't pay anything but I feel like many others they seem to better represent all of the recreational hobbyist from young to old flying traditional RC planes or the latest drones than the AMA. I am interested in seeing what Josh can do with his recently established FliteTest Community Association and would be quite willing to pay for membership or volunteer my time to help out. 

  6. Flitetest have built up a large community of RC model aircraft hobbyists over the years and have over 1.5 million subscribers to thier youtube channel. They just recently started this channel to help keep their community in the air. They are also asking to hold off on commenting on the FAA's proposed rule for the moment in order for them to have time to coordinate with other organizations and to come up with the most cohesive statement.


  7. 20 hours ago, Jason Kovacs said:

    A Standard Remote ID UAS would mean a transponder of sorts on the drone itself reporting it's location data and ID, as well as the hand controller/control station broadcasting via internet the same info to a Remote ID USS. So, there is definitely a hardware change needed to the drone itself, correct?

    Yes, its proposing that the UAS would require "FAA certified" hardware/software to be able to provide 2 means of identification

    • The broadcast of the ID and location data directly transmitted by the drone itself that can be picked up by a device like a cell phone or other device. 
    • Transmission of ID and location data transmitted via the internet to an FAA approved USS  (3rd parties similar to those that provide LAANC) 

    What's not clear to me at the moment is if the aircraft itself needs to be connected to the internet or if the transmission can be done via the ground control station. 

    Now they also state that if there is no internet at take off it can still take off providing its broadcasting but if there is internet and the connection is lost during flight it should be reported to the remote pilot to take action like to land.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Phochief said:

    Unfortunately, the AMA's primary concern is for their "model aircraft" members and not drone pilots.  They simply want more AMA fields to be allowed.  I belong to AMA but have tried unsuccessfully to drive home the fact that drone pilots' rights and needs are just as important as model builders.

    I am both a fixed wing RC and drone pilot/builder. I do fly planes at a local AMA club but typically fly my drones in a nearby park so I am for both keeping AMA fields as well as other areas to fly.

  9. Bruce does a brilliant job of explaining the consequences to our hobby if this rule is allowed to go into law. He challenges the FAA on its pretense to be in the name of safety. He also doesn't believe that the AMA will be effective in influencing the FAA's decisions based on its inability to stop the repeal of 336. I would encourage anyone in this hobby to watch it.



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