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  1. 1 hour ago, Zacc Dukowitz said:

    Agreed! You actually anticipated a writeup I'm doing next week on the ANAFI USA—working on an in-depth review of it, looks like it it could present some real competition for the Matrice series when it comes to public safety applications.

    You may have seen this interview that Gary Mortimer, founder of sUAS News did with Henri Seydoux CEO, Parrot. Henri explains how Parrot got into the business of making drones and more recently how they got involved with making a drone for the US Army which resulted in a commercial version called the ANAFI USA.



  2. 1 hour ago, Muritadha said:


    I want to learn how to make my own FC with raspberry pi from scratch 

    Ok, I understand but that's quite a task. For a start you need to add sensors to the Pi. The basic sensors would be a gyro and accelerometer but then you might want to add a barometer or range finder for altitude and compass and GPS for direction and positioning. As I previously posted there is a "HAT" for the PI than makes it easier to add these sensors. 


    Even though you need to develop the software from scratch you may want to leverage from existing open source software like 


    The software, which will run on the Navio boards, can also be run without the hardware in a simulation environment which could be a good way to start.


  3. On 5/21/2020 at 6:50 AM, marouane said:

    I choosed APM 2.8 as an autopilot

    That's too bad. That hardware has been "end of life" for awhile now and the last version of ArduCopter that will run on it is 3.3 and the latest is 4.x. That being send APM and 3.3 should still work.

    On 5/21/2020 at 6:50 AM, marouane said:

    would it be possible to power the APM using the ESCs and use a power module to power the raspberry ?

    If you have a 3DR type power module then it will pass battery power to the ESCs and also supply +5v to the APM but you should have a separate BEC for the raspberry pi. Some ESC have a built in BEC but I see that the ones you are using are "opto" and don't have a BEC. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Rahul said:

    Can someone help??

    Have you calibrated the ESCs ?. If not you do this by connecting a ESC directly to the receiver's throttle channel. Do one ESC at a time without the the flight controller involved.

    First make sure that the props have been removed. 

    • Turn on the transmitter and move the throttle to full.
    • Connect the battery so the ESC and RX are powered on.
    • You should hear some beeps and then move the throttle to minimum. You may hear some more beeps.
    • Disconnect the battery.
    • Reconnect the battery and check that when you move the throttle up the motor RPMS increase.

    The above procedure sets the min and max range for a ESC.

    If you already did the above and its still not working then

    what happens when you change that motor with one that's working ?. Does the problem move or stay with the ESC ?

    what happens when you connect that ESC to another port on the flight controller ?. Again does the issue move or stay with the FC's port ?

    If the issue follows the same ESC its possible that the configuration has changed or was not set like the others - what make and model of ESC are you using and what firmware is loaded ?. 





  5. 5 hours ago, Sana said:

    Hello , I'm an engineering student and I have to design a drone controller using raspberry pi .. so do you have any useful research or links to follow up to built mu controller  

    Hello @Sana and welcome to the forum.

    To use a Pi as a FC you need of course to add sensors (gyro, accelerometer, etc) that are typically built into a FC like the Pixhawk but it looks like there is still a solution from 


    Like most I personally prefer to use a Pi as a "companion computer" connected to a FC like the Pixhawk. 

    Maybe you could provide some more details about your project and what you need to demonstrate to your professors. 

  6. I would use it as a mini search drone to find downed model RC planes at my local AMA club field. It can be really difficult to find crashed planes and club members, including myself, have had to walk around the field for over a hour to locate an aircraft as typically they are not equipped with GPS. I was planning to use one of my home built drones for this purpose but they are large and take up valuable plane space in my car. 



  7. There was a special episode of the AMA podcast with an update on remote id.


    They are getting together with several manufacturers and retailers to form a Government Advocacy Coalition.


    Also they and others had requested an extension to the public comment period but its been denied by the FAA so March 2 is still the deadline for public comment.