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  1. On 6/21/2019 at 6:26 AM, BenL said:

    Okay so I’m probably gonna end up sending it back to gearbest but thanks for all your help! Next question, know any good FPV drones? Lol

    That's too bad. I don't FPV race so can't recommend a drone although I do have a Tiny Whoop style drone to fly around the house. I mainly like to build larger autonomous drones, both multi-rotor and fixed wing. You may want to check out Oscar's site for recommendations. Also I noticed that he has these tips for troubleshooting arming issues.


  2. 11 minutes ago, BenL said:

    Thank you very much! I have watched that betaflight video and copied it and it still didn’t work. So this would eliminate software problems I’m pretty sure. I will double check my reciver. Also yes every other wire you mentioned is correct. 

    Well a couple of other things but I am running out. When you plug in the battery do you hear the same beeps as on the video ?. The beeps are generated by the motors from the ESCs. Also do you have a second battery to try in case the one you have is bad ?.

  3. 1 hour ago, BenL said:

    Yes it was plugged in tight. No I haven't tried connecting the camera to anything yet. Why pay for goggles if your drone doesn't even fly yet right?

    You make a good point about not buying the FPV goggles if the drone is not working. I just wanted to check if at least something was working.

    Since this is came as a kit can you double check the wiring and solder joints. Red wire from battery should go to the + and black to - but of course you would be in real trouble of that was not the case. The small capacitor has a grey line to indicate the negative -


    Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 10.25.25 AM.png

  4. To add to my previous post although you are getting a bad logging message is the rangefinder actually operating ?. One way to test it without flying is to simply to go to Initial Setup in Mission Planner and under Optional Hardware select rangefinder it should show distance.

  5. 7 hours ago, erfan said:

    and as soon as I disconnect the rangefinder it shows bad LIDAR Health

    I would imagine that's normal behavior as you have configured a rangefinder but have disconnected the hardware. LIDAR is referring to the rangefinder what ever type you have configured. 

    7 hours ago, erfan said:

    as soon as I connect the rangefinder it shows bad logging, 

    This we need to troubleshoot further. Is it constantly reporting bad logging ?

  6. 12 hours ago, BenL said:

    No this is not the case on my aircraft. 

    ok, good at least we can eliminate that from having done any damage. The video that you posted earlier looks like its just flashing F then a 4 which I would imagine is the band and channel its using for the 5.8 Ghz video channel. In fact have you been able to test the camera by using FPV googles or a monitor ?. Also in that video is that 7 pin connector securely plugged in as it looks kind of wonky ?



  7. 49 minutes ago, BenL said:

    I tried disconnecting the camera and it did the same thing. Here’s a quick video on what the channel indicater is doing. (It keeps doing that so just play it on repeat and you’ll get the same effect)

    Before we understand why the video channel is changing I would first like to follow-up on that camera connection to the flight controller as it sounds like from the build video that it could have caused some damage. I managed to capture this from that build video and as you can see the marking's on the board are 5V, GND and V but the red wire is connected to the V pin and the yellow wire to the 5V and this should be reversed. Can you check if this is the case with your kit, if not its something we can eliminate. 


  8. 12 hours ago, BenL said:

    its okay:) gonna tick all the boxes. Yes the battery is charged and connected 

    In that case it must be something in the build that's not right. I am sure you have checked the wiring but I found this video on the build and he mentions that his kit had some wiring crossed between the flight controller and the camera so maybe simply disconnect camera as you don't need it to test the motors. 


  9. 22 minutes ago, BenL said:

    have tried that. The motors do not spin

    Sorry to ask this but is the battery charged and connected as although the flight controller will get enough power from the usb connection of the PC its not sufficient to power the motors.

  10. 3 hours ago, BenL said:

    But the motors wont spin

    Have you tried the "motor test" in betaflight ?. You will need to select the "I understand the risks....." to enable it as they want to make sure you remove the props but you should be able to test each motor and you don't have to be in arm mode or even have the transmitter on. In retrospect I should have suggested that earlier.

  11. 50 minutes ago, BenL said:

    So i can move the switch (and Betaflight sees that i move it) but it does not turn orange 

    Here are a couple of screen shots from my setup. The first is one is with the switch in disarm and the second is when its armed. You are right it looks like the square to the left does not turn orange but whats important is the small orange PWM indicator moves from the gray range to the orange range.



  12. 22 hours ago, BenL said:

    Update: I have managed to connect it to beta flight and set arm switch but now the motors simply do not move.

    Now that you are connected with the Betaflight configurator you should be able to check that the arm switch is actually working by going to the modes menu. You should have an "ARM" mode configured and when you operate the switch on your transmitter it should move from the gray area to the orange. Its that the case ?.

  13. 12 hours ago, erfan said:

    The range is indeed an issue. I want to send my drone to somewhere lets say 300m or 400m distance (or maybe more )and once its in the location and landed I get a message regarding that it is landed and give me a message to forexample Turn your LED on  and then I need to tell to the drone it needs to turn on  its led by writing the command or forexample  Start a measurment.


    Ok,  what is the role of the Raspberry Pi ?. If you just need to turn on a LED you could simply use the aux outputs of the the HKPilot32. These can be controlled by either a mission script or a switch on the transmitter. 



  14. 13 hours ago, tom42100124 said:

    I think my 4s battery wasn't enough voltage to my motors so I ordered a 6s battery that i'll hook up to it tommoorw when it gets here and see if that works. It should spin these motors more per minute and give me more thrust lift that I needed.

    Well it does look like 4s is the low end for those motors. The first table here is for the 370kv motor and shows the recommended battery/prop combination. It also shows the thrust each motor generates so we should be able to work out if that's sufficient.


    So what size props are you using and also what is the total takeoff wait of the UAV ?

    To just counter gravity the motor/prop thrust needs to be the same as the weight of the UAV and of course to fly it needs to be much more. My understanding is that the rule of thumb is for the motor/prop thrust to be up to twice the take of weight. 

  15. 3 hours ago, erfan said:

    so your suggestion is to connect the Air radio telemetry on drone side to the pi? I can connect them physicall by connecting the Air radio through usb to the pi .right?

    I was suggesting that but after further investigation it does seem that the RPi is restricted on the number of available serial ports. Of course you need one to connect from the Pi to the Pixhawk and its not clear to me if the USB one is accessible, I believe it depends on if it has onboard bluetooth. If range is not an issue would WiFi to the RPi be acceptable ?. Do you need the Pi to be on the drone or can it be on the ground and communicate with the Pixhawk via the serial wireless link ?

    Maybe you could share more details of your intended application and I will try to help.



  16. 20 hours ago, erfan said:

    senario : My pc which is connected to the Ground radio  telemetry needs to send some messages say (hello) or on mavproxy commend (arm throttle) to the pixhawk telem 1,and on the pi which is connected to telem 2 , I need to receive these messages.

    MavProxy is effectively a control station that has a connection to a Pixhawk telemetry port and uses the MavLink protocol for control and telemetry the same as other control stations like mission planner. If I understand correctly it sounds like you want to be able to send messages from your PC to the companion computer, a Raspeberry PI, via the Pixhawk, correct ?. If you have a companion computer usually you want it to perform the control and get back telemetry but it will have its own link to a ground control station using wifi or 4G as it would also handle video. 

    I think I understand what you are trying to do and that is to leverage the existing serial radio link that the Pixhawk has to also use to send messages to the Pi. If that's the case what you really need is to use that radio on the pi and not the Pixhawk. Let me know if this what you need and we can discuss further. 


  17. 2 hours ago, Mashon said:

    my dad and I have been thinking of building our own quadcopter straight from scratch

    Firstly welcome to this forum. Its great that you and your Dad want to build your own quad but you don't have to write the software that controls the quad as there is some great open source software out there that you may want to consider. Personally the one that I use is 


    Their software now runs on a wide selection of hardware, has versions not only for multi rotors  but land vehicles, fixed wing aircraft, boats and even a submarine. It can also become a great development platform if its programing of the drone that your interested in by adding a companion computer. I am not familiar with microchip.com but its sounds similar to the raspberry pi which makes a great companion computer. You can even download the software and setup a test and development environment without any hardware (apart from a PC or Mac of course) which makes it a great way to become familiar with their ground control station (http://ardupilot.org/planner/) and how to program autonomous missions


  18. 17 hours ago, tom42100124 said:

    It is the V configuration. I double checked all of the esc that they were calibrated and connected to the correct motors When I am able to get it in the air a foot or two and semi stable it responds to the controller normally except when going up.


    • Are the props securely attached to the motors i.e not slipping ?.
    • How did you select the components of this build ?.
    • Do you know if a similar build works ?. (i.e motor/props generate enough lift)
    • Do you have the correct radio channels mapped ?

    Again I am not familiar with that controller but like most controllers its important to calibrate the following

    • ESC- Do this one by one without the flight controller using just an ESC connected directly to the receiver.
    • Accelerometer
    • Radio 
    • Compass

    and finally does the battery have the right rating for this build and if so have you tried another battery ? I've known batteries to fail and not produce sufficient current.