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  1. @Silk Purse thanks for your feedback and I'm glad now that I did not invest in a GoPro although I did purchase the Eken H8 as it was on sale for only $60 but maybe I will regret that once I try it out as it has a very wide angle lens (170). I found this company that provides GoPros fitted with narrow field lenses that can also be purchased separately but even if they work on the H8 the lens cost is more than the camera.


    It seems that there is not much choice in suitable cameras for us UAV builders and with the price of the Phantoms these days that include a camera designed for the purpose I might have to make the conversion from DIY to DJI :)


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  2. I always prefer some sort of power distribution board than a cable harness as it makes the wiring neater and easier to maintain. Some frames have built in power distribution but it does not look like the case with the frame that you are using. I found this video on how to make your own board that you might want to consider. 



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  3. I need to correct my previous post as that driver was for the ground control wireless module and not the direct USB cable. This shows up in the device manager as "Arduino Mega 2560" and as far as I recall it came with mission planner.

  4. I have an APM 2.6 installed on my UAV and I thought it might help to see a screen shot of my Mission Planner. The upper right corner shows the USB "Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART.." as the USB driver and its important to set the speed to 57600.


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  5. I am a big fan of the Taranis transmitter from FrSky and noticed that the Drone Racing League are using them, at least that's what they show in their videos. I am not a FPV racer but have built my own UAV and so can help with shopping for parts.

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  6. @Silk Purse, thanks for you comments. The size of this camera is the same as the GoPro Hero 3 and 4 in which case it should fit into a gimbal made for them but you are right to be concerned about the live feed as this is not the same. I believe the GoPro provides analogue A/V via its USB connector but what I've read this is not available on the H8 which only provides digital audio and video output via its micro HDMI connector. So for sure its not a direct replacement to be used for off the shelf UAVs but it could be a solution for us with home built UAVs. I have found some HDMI to A/V converters (< $50) that were designed to be used with larger cameras that only have HDMI output so it could still be a very economical solution compare with a $400 GoPro.

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  7. I plan on using wordpress software for my website as it does not require any coding and is relativity easy to update. The issue with using a website builder like GoDaddy is that you are locked into their service whereas using wordpress you can always move your site to another hosting service if needed. I recently found a very cheap hosting service that supports wordpress.


    I am only paying $1.45 per month but I have only just started developing my website so I can't say how good the service is but again once I've developed my site I can always export the files and import them to another hosting service if they are no good.


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  8. I believe that the UAV repair business is where I could leverage my building experience but as I am using home built UAVs I don't have any exposure to DJI products which I imagine would be the main source of this business. Any comments or advice on getting into this business would be appreciated.

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  9. Do you need a section 333 exemption + pilot license to operate an UAV repair business ?. I would imagine that you need to validate the repair by performing some test flights and so I guess the answer is yes but was not sure.

  10. @AlPurvis I don't actually work for this company so I can't answer your question but from the photos on their website (http://www.monticoinc.com/) it looks like some high end hex-copter which is most likely a custom build. I just posted the news item as I thought it shows what a small startup company like this can achieve this rapidly growing industry. 

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  11. @Brian I recently added the HML650 retracts to my build from HobbyKing for about $50. The nice thing about these is that they attach to those 2 x 10mm rods providing (need to be 60mm apart). The not so good thing is that they operate rather slowly so you have to lower them in good time for a landing. I added a photo and video to my build thread.

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