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  1. I plan on using wordpress software for my website as it does not require any coding and is relativity easy to update. The issue with using a website builder like GoDaddy is that you are locked into their service whereas using wordpress you can always move your site to another hosting service if needed. I recently found a very cheap hosting service that supports wordpress.


    I am only paying $1.45 per month but I have only just started developing my website so I can't say how good the service is but again once I've developed my site I can always export the files and import them to another hosting service if they are no good.


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  2. I believe that the UAV repair business is where I could leverage my building experience but as I am using home built UAVs I don't have any exposure to DJI products which I imagine would be the main source of this business. Any comments or advice on getting into this business would be appreciated.

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  3. Do you need a section 333 exemption + pilot license to operate an UAV repair business ?. I would imagine that you need to validate the repair by performing some test flights and so I guess the answer is yes but was not sure.

  4. @AlPurvis I don't actually work for this company so I can't answer your question but from the photos on their website (http://www.monticoinc.com/) it looks like some high end hex-copter which is most likely a custom build. I just posted the news item as I thought it shows what a small startup company like this can achieve this rapidly growing industry. 

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  5. @Brian I recently added the HML650 retracts to my build from HobbyKing for about $50. The nice thing about these is that they attach to those 2 x 10mm rods providing (need to be 60mm apart). The not so good thing is that they operate rather slowly so you have to lower them in good time for a landing. I added a photo and video to my build thread.

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  6. Very nice!. At least with a home built UAV its usually cheaper and easier to repair than a RTF one. I had similar crashes with mine at first and got through quite a few props and landing gear but both were not expensive and easy to replace. I am not familiar with the CC3D flight controller so can't help with your GPS issue.

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  7. From the voltage you have a 1 cell battery (1S) and have also ordered a 1 cell battery so thats good. The "mah" shows the capacity of the battery and as the new battery has less it will provide a shorter flight time. Another important number, which you don't specify, is the discharge rate and is stated as a "C" value. Do you have this number for the old and new battery ?

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  8. Actually heard about it from Randy's latest podcast on the http://droneradioshow.com where he interviews 2 guys from Local Motors that are organizing the challenge for Airbus. Also, its not 2.5 kg of payload but 3kg for 100km and 5kg for 60km. Here is a quick link to more details on the requirements.


    Be sure to scroll down under the video to see the details.

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  9. Replaced landing gear for a retractable set - HML680 from HK which are made of carbon fiber and so are incredible light but hopefully strong. My S500 frame looks a bit small on it though but I wanted to test it out first before moving to a larger hex frame. I know that the main reason to have retractable landing gear is to allow the camera to have an unobstructed view but I just thing they look great. My only concern is if it fails to deploy....IMG_0229.JPG.cf5fb3e1a1aa61d3809ebdfb7e5

  10. I am not familiar with the Crazyfile project you had posted earlier but It seemed rather expensive for a very small UAV. The great thing about building an UAV based on the ardupilot is that there is a lot of documentation and community support.

    Also regarding programing you might want to check into 




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  11. Looks like http://scanse.io have created an affordable LiDAR sensor that could be used in building a drone with collision avoidance capabilities. Their kickstarter project is over but this video gives a brief intro into their product called "Sweep". I am going to do some more research into this product as I would be interested in building a drone that can fly autonomously indoors where GPS does not work.



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