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  1. 18 hours ago, Papadopoulos said:

    Also in the "configuration" under ESC/Motor Features what is the minimum throttle value ?. On my quad its set to 1000. This is the value the throttle needs to be at for the motors to spin.

    I now understand why you didn't provide this as your quad uses DShot ESCs and those fields don't show up. Instead the field "motor idle throttle value" appears. 

  2. On 7/27/2019 at 3:22 AM, erfan said:

    Hello ,
    Can anyone explain me the if I can use the height estimation sensor as also object avoidance sensor ?
    I have an evo 3m rangefinder which in descriptions says it is an  object detection sensor , 
    Does that also mean it can be used as object avoidance sensor?
    if so , any one knows how? in what flight modes can I detect and avoide objects ?what about manual mode? is it possible to use for manual mode also ? 
    if not any one has some suggestions for object avoidance sensors ?


    It looks like ArduCopter has introduced some limited object avoidance code but I have not used it.


    Of course you would need more sensors if you wanted all round detection. For example I see that TeraBee make a multi-directional array using their Evo sensors. 


  3. 1 hour ago, erfan said:

    I've seen a lots of articles and threads about adding a 1000μF capacitor to the electronics setup to smooth out the power and stop potential voltage spikes from damaging other electronics. However I've seen no reasoning on the choice of using 1000μF capacitor.

    does any one know the reason ? or any calculation ?


    If the Pixhawk is being powered by the power module I don't see any reason to have a capacitor. Now the Pixhawk can also be powered by the servo rail which could be used as backup power if the power module voltage drops too low. Mainly though the recommendation is to add a zener diode to this rail to limit the voltage although I've seen some also recommend a capacitor but according to the Ardupilot wiki the diode is all that's needed.


  4. 19 hours ago, Papadopoulos said:

    Double-checking in BetaFlight, the motors only spin up when the slider in Motors tab is advanced, stopping when at 0. 

    Its normal for the motors not to spin-up after arming and increasing the throttle when the drone is connected to the BetaFlight Configurator. Its a safety precaution but you can spin them up with the motor test providing you enable the "I understand the risk....".

    19 hours ago, Papadopoulos said:

    Issue #1: After configuring the quad and transmitter in BetaFlight all seemed to be going well while still on the bench. However, when I arm my quad outside of BetaFlight (still without props attached) the motors spin up at a variable rate even when the throttle is not engaged.

    In BF Configurator select "receiver" from the left menu and check the min and max values by moving the throttle. For example on my quad (not the same as yours) the minim throttle value is 988 and the max is 2012. Also in the "configuration" under ESC/Motor Features what is the minimum throttle value ?. On my quad its set to 1000. This is the value the throttle needs to be at for the motors to spin.


    19 hours ago, Papadopoulos said:

    Issue #2 (related?): Additionally, when I plug in my 4s 750mAh lipo into the quad, the stack heats up quickly, even without engaging the motors or doing anything except looking at it (I don't have heat vision ;)). After about 2 minutes the quad beeps that it's overheating and is too hot to the touch to handle. 

    When you power up are you getting video on your monitor or goggles as it could be the video transmitter getting hot


    19 hours ago, Papadopoulos said:

    Contacting the reseller, they told me, "airmode is set by default, without props they will go irratic as the gyro is trying to level any vibrations and no props are moving so they ramp up etc. I typically set a flight mode to angle with airmode OFF for this reason.

    Is the Permanently enable Airmode off in the configuration menu ?


  5. 23 hours ago, Sandman said:

    I am new to flying drones, I came to the site to figure outwhere to fly near DC.  I decided to try Sandy Point Park.  When I got to the park and was about to pay the entry fee, I told them what I was here for, flying a drone.  The park employee told me that drones were not allowed in the park to respect people’s privacy.


    So don’t fly at Sandy Point.

    I am beta testing the new FAA's B4FLY mobile app and assuming I have the correct location of the park here is a screen shot from my iPhone.


    I would check again by calling the state park administration and don't go by just one park employee's word.

  6. @Dawson Fernandes @Av8Chuck

    I don't know how this compares with the "HereLink" but they look very similar. The HereLink also has an integrated Android tablet and runs QGroundControl. Its available from various distributors including these guys.


    It was designed by the same folks that developed the Pixhawk 2.1 "Cube" which is now called the "CubePilot"

    Bobby Watts, the founder of Watts Innovations recently tested this controller.



  7. 6 hours ago, erfan said:

    My problem was I was not giving the servo on the pixhawk the enough power.

    What do you think of this way?

    Yes, you need to have an external BEC or ESC with a built in BEC in one of the output ports to provide enough power for the servos.

    6 hours ago, erfan said:

    I changed the ServoX_Function  (from 9=AUX1 till 14)  to 1 which is passThru

    If I recall you can do this but since you are simply passing the signal from the receiver to the AUX output you may as well just connect the receiver directly to the servo. For example in the case of retractable landing gear I wanted to have the flight controller deploy it when performing a RTH but at the same time I wanted to have a switch on my Taranis also be able to deploy it manually.

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  8. This is a good place to start


    So firstly there are 6 aux outputs that output 2 types of signaling,  either "servo" or relay. Servo would be used when the device that you want to control uses PWM input and relay when it requires just 0/3.3 volt input. You can change this combination of servo/relay allocation of those 6 outputs with the parameter BRD_PWM_COUNT. Also consider these parms

    SERVOx_FUNCTION where x is 9 to 14 for AUX 1 to 6 respectively. This parameter will determine what function is performed.

    CHx_OPT where x is the channel number from the receiver. This will determine what function is performed when the PWM is above 1800.

    I recall for my retractable landing gear that was connected to the first aux port I set these as follows.


    CH9_OPT 29 (Channel 9 on the radio is mapped to a switch)

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  9. 5 hours ago, erfan said:

    tried to change servo*_function to Rc Thru or landing gear , but it didn't work.

    I know that the its possible as I had configured retractable landing gear on a HexCopter. Initially I just had the landing gear control connected directly to a channel on the X8R receiver and so manually controlled by a switch on the X9D but later connected it to the first AUX port of the Pixhawk so that the landing gear would automatically deploy on a RTH. I'll check my notes on how I did that. 

  10. Looks like these guys have done a great job of using drones in eduction in Russia. Warning the video is long but if you are interested in using drones in education worth the time to watch.

    P.S I pulled this out of another thread that I created in the DIY category.



  11. After watching all the sessions this has to be my favorite. Its a Russian company that focuses on using drones in education and it looks like that they have done a fantastic job. Warning this video is very long but if you are interested in using drones in education its really worth the time.


  12. 7 hours ago, Av8Chuck said:

    Aurdupilot and PX4 used to be the same thing

    Yes, I believe that was back when 3DR were still involved with DIY. My understanding is that the licensing is also no longer same. Ardupilot uses the GPL licensing and PX4 uses BSD licensing. The difference is that with GPL any contribution to the code has to be shared whereas with the BSD version that PX4 is using it does not and its why its favored by companies like Yuneec. 


    8 hours ago, Av8Chuck said:

    Lorenze is an interesting guy.

    He recently founded https://auterion.com which like RedHat is for enterprise Linux they provide enterprise PX4 software. They received $10M in seed funding last year.

  13. 6 hours ago, Av8Chuck said:

    Did you watch any of it?

    Actually I have more experience with the Ardupilot flight stack than PX4 but thought it would be interesting to watch them and so yes I have watched quite a few and I am currently watching the one on UAVCAN. 

  14. On 6/30/2019 at 4:14 AM, Atul Ghumade said:

    Hello There,

    I'm hobbyist and trying to make a drone which can fly automatically without manual interference. I want to use GPS coordinates.

    There will be a GPS enabled drone and want to move towards given destination. 

    How can I achieve this task. Please help me.


    I like to use this open source flight control stack 


    It provides both manual and autonomous flight modes. You can even setup a development/test enviroment on a computer without actually building a drone. Its a good way to learn and understand the flight control software and ground control station. Let me know if this is what you are looking for and I can help your further. 

  15. On 6/21/2019 at 6:26 AM, BenL said:

    Okay so I’m probably gonna end up sending it back to gearbest but thanks for all your help! Next question, know any good FPV drones? Lol

    That's too bad. I don't FPV race so can't recommend a drone although I do have a Tiny Whoop style drone to fly around the house. I mainly like to build larger autonomous drones, both multi-rotor and fixed wing. You may want to check out Oscar's site for recommendations. Also I noticed that he has these tips for troubleshooting arming issues.


  16. 11 minutes ago, BenL said:

    Thank you very much! I have watched that betaflight video and copied it and it still didn’t work. So this would eliminate software problems I’m pretty sure. I will double check my reciver. Also yes every other wire you mentioned is correct. 

    Well a couple of other things but I am running out. When you plug in the battery do you hear the same beeps as on the video ?. The beeps are generated by the motors from the ESCs. Also do you have a second battery to try in case the one you have is bad ?.

  17. 1 hour ago, BenL said:

    Yes it was plugged in tight. No I haven't tried connecting the camera to anything yet. Why pay for goggles if your drone doesn't even fly yet right?

    You make a good point about not buying the FPV goggles if the drone is not working. I just wanted to check if at least something was working.

    Since this is came as a kit can you double check the wiring and solder joints. Red wire from battery should go to the + and black to - but of course you would be in real trouble of that was not the case. The small capacitor has a grey line to indicate the negative -


    Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 10.25.25 AM.png