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  1. 56 minutes ago, erfan said:

    1) Firmware-v2.px4
    2) Mission planer 1.3.66
    3) pixhawk
    4) Tranis x9d plus . reciever is x8r frsky
    5) I tried to connect once with Telemetry Radio baud rate 57600 and also usb 115200

    You have pretty much the same components as I've used in my builds.

    1) Is this the version that is displayed in the top left corner of Mission Planner ?. I would have expected something like Arducopter 3.6.8. Are you using Ardupilot or PX4 firmware ?

    2) I am also running that latest version of Mission Planner

    3) Is that a 3DR Pixhawk or a clone like the one that I have that's maked "Pixhawk 2.4.8"

    4) I have the x9d (not the plus) running OpenTX 2.2.x along with the X8R receiver.

    5) Those are the recommended speeds and I've used the same.


  2. 3 hours ago, erfan said:

    I tried but still no Change!! 

    Ok, it was worth a try. It would help to know the details of your setup.

    • Version Arducopter firmware ?
    • Version of Mission Planner ?
    • Hardware type of flight controller (i.e Pixhawk etc.) ?
    • Transmitter and receiver hardware ?
    • How is the mission planner connected to the Flight controller hardware (i.e USB, WiFi, Telemetry radio etc) ?


  3. 23 hours ago, alessio.zatti@gmail.com said:

    I've assembled multicopters for my fun

    Welcome @alessio.zatti@gmail.com to this forum and its great to see someone else that builds drones. I am a big fan of the open source Ardupilot and have build several multi rotors using that software. My current project is a fixed wing drone which I would eventually turn into a VTOL fixed wing.  

  4. 38 minutes ago, Meshack said:

    Hi team,


    Am Mr.Meshack Sanga,a Tanzanian boy living in Dodoma City.

    I want to be trained to be drone pilot.my goals is to use for commercial like mapping and surveys

    I recently came across this company 


    and they partner with Flying Labs which have a location in Tanzania


    It looks like they provide training.

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  5. 18 hours ago, joshatwell said:

    Happy to e-mail them to anyone interested. One is a DJI Inspire 1 and the other is an F550 Flamewheel with lots of DJI tech mounted to it.

    I am sure that they could be made to fly again but it would be difficult to say what the cost would be. Do you still have the controllers or just the drones ?.

  6. Thanks to the https://www.dronepilotgroundschool.com I passed in the first week that the FAA introduced the certification back in 2016 but since then I have only flown recreational and so haven't found  the need to take the recurrent test. Also since I learn't that my FAA part 107 certification never actually expires (unless the FAA revokes it for a good reason) and so I can take the recurrent test if I need to be operational commercially again. I imagine that I am a typical case and as Patrick points out the number of "operational pilots" has likely dropped. 


  7. 10 hours ago, Grunter53 said:

    We are hoping to get good enough to race each other over the next few months, but our efforts to date aren't too promising.

    Welcome @Grunter53 to this forum. If you get hooked on this hobby, particularly FPV racing, you might want to consider building your own mini quads as you learn a lot and it makes repairs easier WHEN you crash. Here is an excellent build guide for beginners


  8. (Reuters) - Google parent Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Inc's drone service made its first air delivery in North Canberra, Australia, on Tuesday after getting approval from the country's civil aviation authority.


    Interesting design of their VTOL UAV. Looks like it has 12 vertical lift motors and 2 for forward flight. Also the video show that the package delivery is performed by lowering the package by a winch mechanism rather than the UAV landing. Even using a fixed wing design I'm sure that the batteries can't last that long so would really restrict the distance it can fly.

  9. The outline of the 2020 UAV Challenge medical rescue has been posted. This competition is held every 2 years and are opened to adult teams from around the world.


    Also the UAV challenge rules for high school age students have been posted. This part of the UAV Challenge was started in 2018 and looks like it will happen again this year.



  10. 1 hour ago, Lane Liber said:

    My name is Lane Liber . I live in Brooks Kentucky. This will be a new hobby for me. as I get ready for retirement.

    Welcome @Lane Liber to this forum. I can vouch that this is a great hobby for retirement. Personally I like to build my own UAVs as I get as much enjoyment building and tinkering as I do flying - Richard, California

  11. 9 hours ago, TheRealDazzler said:

    I wasn't aware the devs were in Australia, though I'm guessing in they're in Canberra?

    As you know, Ardupilot is an open source project so there are developers all around the world but one of its key developers is, Andrew Tridgell better know as "Tridge" is in fact located in Canberra. Also the flight controller hardware known as the "cube" was designed by Philipp Rowse also located down under.

    9 hours ago, TheRealDazzler said:

    Forgot to note, I'm a Californian by birth.  So technically still a Californian!

    Actually I'm a brit by birth - cheers Richard