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  1. @Ed O'Grady Yep...BCT. Hmmm. That's interesting. I'm not sure why they would change the effective date. Maybe next time I call them for something I can also ask that question. I didn't see it listed either, but thought something had changed since I looked last. Thanks for your insight! Rob
  2. Two things: 1. I had been approved for the same down in Boca Raton, FL. The approval period was changed from ending 01/25/2020 to 09/30/18. My guess is they will be going LAANC by then. No explanation, just changed. 2. What's the issue with Airmap? Is there another thread I can read more about it? I've used them, but not extensively. I'd love to know more. Thanks! Rob
  3. Ha ha! Sounds like he had to make a few before he got it right!
  4. I hate to say this, but it sounds to me like this legislation was written this way because they (who wrote the legislation) simply do not want any drones in their area....but don't want to outright say it. It's a shame it is written in the manner it was and disturbs me to no end. The fact that both sides of the political spectrum are involved also scares me.