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  1. Curious to know if there are more companies to add to the list. Thanks!
  2. That's awesome! I was hoping for something like this. Log when/where I flew and make sure it was all legit. Thanks!
  3. Learned how to read sectional charts (very cool how it's basically a 3-d map and fun to visualize) and found some airspace near me I'd love to fly in to get some film to market/sell. It's class G to 700 AGL. Not a problem, except there is a 500-600' hill. So my question is how does AGL work - if I take off from the top of the hill and ho straight up to 400', I'm technically 400' AGL I believe. Now, if I move to the left or right a few feet and the hill slopes down 10', does AGL immediately fall so I'd be 410' AGL? Or is there a boundary like the tower example - so if I'm w/in 400' feet of take-off I use my 0/home point as AGL (as i'm w/in 400' of the top of the hill).
  4. Yea, that's exactly what I did - I also left. Wont fly there again. It wasn't like it was a close call or anything. I just wasn't expecting it - and I was definitely away from airports - used several apps to check before I went out. I always drive a ways away and fly in sparsely populated areas. I'm still learning to fly so I want to be as safe as possible while I do so. As for communicating with a pilot, I honestly don't know. Was going to research it if it wasn't covered in the course material (in the ground school portion of this site). I just figured if it's possible to do so, might as well so I can be as safe as possible (like I said, the what-if emergencies). If it's not possible, then it's not. But worth looking into I thought.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I have covered that part of the study guide so when it happened I just flew straight down to make sure. But it was still unnerving and makes you think about the what ifs - malfunction, turbulence, whatever. Just want to make sure I can alert the pilot to the drones location and the emergency
  6. Oh that's interesting and disappointing. I was hoping I could just plug in and communicate with them. Honestly that's kind of scary. I've flown my drone in the middle of the desert and have had helicopters come up on me doing sight seeing tours and they are right around the 400' limit it looks like. Most likely a little lower. Without a way to communicate with them it's a little nerve racking thinking one could just come around a mountain and fly right into my drone. Does the communication blackout only extend to ATC? Or does it also include other pilots?
  7. Thanks for the great response. I'm still working through the lectures and haven't gotten to airspace yet - doing the meterology one twice before moving on as that's all 100% brand new to me :-). But what you said makes sense. I know if you go into controlled space you need to know. But I was also planning on buying a headset so I can communicate w/ ATC around me (assuming that is OK, again haven't gotten to airspace yet :-) ) so I could fly in controlled airspace. As for the H, I wrote them about 2 questions - 1 the artificial 8000 ft ceiling (I visit Colorado frequently and towns there are 7500+ feet in elevation!) and the 400' limit. They got back about the 8000' ceiling and said the H (and only the H) will auto detect elevation so if you take off over 8000 it will still let you go to a height of '400 AGL. They didn't get back to me on the 400' limit so I reasked :-)
  8. What drone? Manufacturer? It might be worth contacting them directly? If it's a common problem the forum on their support site (if they have one) might provide a solution for you. Good luck! Wish I could be of more help.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I feel the same way - play it safe until licensed. I just want to fly to the top of this pillar of stone I can't climb!! Can't wait!! Another benefit of waiting is if I get up there and am able to take some cool shots, I can sell them :-).
  10. In case anyone is following/curious, I heard there is a firmware limit, but if you contact Yuneec and explain your situation they can give you other firmware. So I just emailed them and said I'm buying DJI unless that is true, and if so, how do I apply for the firmware upgrade. And I explained why I'd need to go over the 8000 ft hard ceiling (towns in CO are 7500+ feet) and why I'd need to go over 120m (the cliffs I mentioned above). I'll let you know what I hear!
  11. So I bought a phantom 4. Love it. But I'm eyeing the Typhoon H - I like the 360 degree camera and redundancy of the extra prop (feels safer, and better CYA for professional work). It's also probably a good idea to have 2 drones as I get into business so if one goes down I'm not SOL until I replace it. That said, I was curious to know what limits are hard coded in. I hate the 500m height limit w/ the phantom - feels like they're trying to make into more of a hobbyist machine than a prof one. Note - I've not had a need to go higher yet, but I live near some very very tall cliffs and have some ideas for cool shots, and as long as I'm w/in 400 feet i can use the top of the cliff as the ground level for AGL. So I wanted to know, would the Typhoon H be able to go above 500m? If so might need to bite the bullet and make that the prof drone and the phantom 4 backup/recreation.
  12. Great Link! I can actually use that compared to the almanac. And it looks like google is pretty spot on. As for recording it, that's my plan - as I log flights, put on their sunset, take-off time, and landing time. Speaking of flight logs - I've been relying on the DJI Go log as I've been learning (and 'landing' in a cactus by mistake :-) ). But I'm getting pretty comfortable flying and getting close to objects and doing inspections and so on. So I was planning on making something a little more official for logging time. What do you use? Just PnP? Or an App? Or do you just DJI Go's logs? Thanks!
  13. Hey all! As I study up for the FAA KT (taking on the 6th!) I'm also getting out and doing some practice. I've found some pretty tall rock formations (200m or so) in the middle of the desert I'd like to get some practice examining up and down, the top, etc. Just like a tower or tall building. I know according to p107 the 122m (400ft) limit is AGI, and if you're w/in 122m of a higher surface, you can now use that as the AGI for as long as you're w/in 122m. That said, I do not know the laws for recreational use. It looks like the height limit is just capped to 120m from take-off AGI. That would make sense as you're not certified so I could see them not wanting you to go higher. But I thought I'd double check as I'd love to just practice doing things and logging the flight time as I study/prep for FAA KT. Thanks!
  14. I have a quick question on the technical definition of sunset - the course links off to an almanac but I was hoping it would be simpler - i.e. as soon as the lowest point of the sun hits the horizon that's sunset and it's evening civil twilight for 30 minutes (and the reverse for morning). And if you google it and get a time, do you know if that's the same time as used by FAA? Thanks! Brian P.S. - great course BTW, learning a lot and it's easy to get through.