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  1. Hi, My name is Alyssa Brinkoetter and I created this specific video for one of my clients. This is a property she listed last week in our area. I choose to do this video in a way that would please her clients. Our company is very new to having these drone videos and when my father (Tom Brinkoetter) asked if this might be something I would like to learn, lets just say I was very excited to take this class. What was also very interesting was while editing these clip with the Color Correction tool I found it was alot like Photoshop. I have been editing photos and drawing Interactive Floor Plans since I was 15. Since I had been using Photoshop for so long I decided to edit this video in Premiere Pro. The ending Title to this video is the agent that listed the property and a logo of our Real Estate Company. I hope everyone likes it and would love to hear any kind of feed back. Thank You, Alyssa