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  1. i printed out all 40 pages i will be doing a-lot of studying this weekend thank you so much for the link and input O'Grady! Very Much Appreciated!
  2. Ok Ed thank you for checking for me, when filling out the waivers how best should I fill one out? If I don't quite fill it out right then I wont receive permission and if I don't have permission I will have to file again and wait in total about 6 months am I correct?
  3. Well I don't think I will be able to fly my area I was hoping to as its less than a mile away from the airport the town is Sergeant Bluff, IA. I have a-lot of real-estate properties I could shoot this year around this area.
  4. Sioux Gateway Airport, also known as Colonel Bud Day Field, in Sioux City, Iowa. ED O'Grady thank you so much ofr all of your help the past 2 years!
  5. so how do i give airports codes our air port is class D and E due to it being military/commuter i am new to this as last year i only worked around class g
  6. a while back one of the users here was nice enough to send me information on how to fill out the waivers forum i finally have time today to fill it out but the email he sent with his example sheet is missing hopefully you will see this and be able to resend that information. thank you
  7. I'm happy to send you a copy of one of my own CoA applications so you can see the wording I use. If you are comfortable sharing your email, I'll return the latest I filed.


    1. timmy67


      That would be great! My email is egleyeuav@gmail.com and yes that is spelled correctly. Much appreciated thank you!

    2. R Martin
  8. Indeed you are correct F-107 and commercial. And thank you for the link thats exactly what I was looking for today.
  9. Hello all, I am in need of class D & E airspace waiver as our local airport uses both although it is not a very large airport, it is used both as transportation and military. What I am looking for is the link that would give me the forms to be filled out and some help on filling them out as I haven't yet filled one out. I would also like to get my hands on a daylight waiver for night operations for my business. I am looking for a direct link to this also and some help. Thank you all in advance cheers!
  10. Anyone else here notice DJI's ground station coming out for the zenmuse x7,x5s, & x4s? sounds pretty interesting i however am very excited for this to be revealed! "Go to bottom of page in middle" https://www.dji.com/inspire-2?site=brandsite&from=landing_page
  11. Yes the realtors in my area do not accept anyone without a certification or insurance. Please excuse my confusion
  12. What do you mean by that statement?
  13. I am performing a power-point presentation on Tuesday in front of 75 real estate agents and would like some tips and advice to what i should include in my presentation. Presentation will be 10 minuets long. So far i have a slide for pre-flight inspections, FAA part 107 for my pilots, phtotography/videography editing (exterior/interior), and pricing. seems to me i am currently about 3.5 minuets on average. Hopefully some of you will be able to help me expand my presentation. Any ideas would be appreciated. Have a great day
  14. Shanmugavel, I bought the package but have yet to use the precision hawk software, as it is very hard to get into the farming communities around my area. dji drone from them is just a phantom 4 pro with no changes to the model. Sorry I am not much help. If you would be interested in the card i am selling as a Christmas special of 600$, card still has yet to be scratched for the code and can send pictures. of card (drone not included)