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  1. You can build a video editing pc for around1K, NVidia graphics. You will need a 4k monitor; otherwise you will only 'see' what resolution your monitor sees. Get a hold of recent copy of Multirotor Pilot mag and it has an excellent article on mapping and the software used (on his pc) to edit his drone's camera. Google search, as there are subscription pricing to use that type of software until you can afford your own. After all, so far, it would be considered a business expense; provided you are a RPC. Hope this helps, Charles
  2. I'm a research hound, yep I admit it. Which means when I get a recommendation or some product interest me I'll spend a few weeks reading all reviews and articles I can find. Alan, in his article of 17 drones for Beginners ( ), recommends the UDI818A-1 top of the list. Bought one for a friend, early Christmas present, and WOW!. Got it also from Force1 via Amazon for a steal. Has everything needed to learn to fly. And lets clarify something here. If you've never opened a book on flight characteristics, PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING!!! Get the basics, learn and quiz yourself, go to the local R/C shop and talk to seasoned pilots (they love to share!!). 'Drones' fly different than other aircraft so having basic knowledge is critical to safety and enjoyment. The UDI818A-1,, is a great beginner drone because it defaults to the slow speed setting, instruction book is spot on with great cautions and how too's, flew nicely INDOORS (first!!) and has more great features than one's 2x their price. And since it weighs .35lb, no registration is required! Yes, not good in a 5+mph wind, but if you are beginning, outdoors isn't where you should start! Use the altitude hold and keep it under 10ft until you are really good at not hitting the walls and takeoff/landing (auto functions here are great!). I'm buying one for me on Alan's and my recommendation about this product. I'm not the fasted typist and will answer any question about my experience with this drone but be patient as I don't get on this machine till the evening, lol.
  3. Thanks, Alan. Good product (RF) and easy to use. I'll get over to trying the one posted soon. FYI, think B&H has RealFlight for $99. Really like the Forum Alan, thanks.
  4. What is the deck for V15/93 (or help decipher). I thought it should be 930AGL. Test answers were 300, 1200, 700. FYI Lots of Chart and CRM questions. Also airspace around airports and what Class. Test has changed. Sample test is FAA website available as of 12/1. Thanks to all. Oh, yeah, I passed...
  5. I'm thinking of the "H" as well and it states it is FAA 400' AGL compliant. Since you raise a valid point on where the ceiling should be given the starting altitude, there should be some way for the craft to go higher as I can think of several possibilities where you would need to. That said, within the scope of the recent policy enactments, you would have to obtain an FAA Exemption to go higher because you are going to in 'shared' (different Class) airspace; unless I read my study material wrong lol. I'm more surprised at the companies for putting that limit in anyhow, unless the FAA & Trade Commission co-wrote policy that any copter without those limits could not be sold in the USA. Also, there is the line-of-site issue with being able to see the craft when your up to 3k vertical. One way around that would be to start at the top of the mountain/structure as the are absolutely no "down" limits and shoot top to bottom. Would set "HOME" at the top, go straight down and hit the home button to see if it returned back up. Please let me know what Yuneec has to say as this might help set a president of them having to make it so the user would 'set your altimeter' from given location just as you would for fixed wing/helo taking off from the airport. Might have to write the FAA to see what they say given your elevated height location. Thanks, Charles
  6. Thank you ED, Spitfire76, and Jay. Reading lots of Alan's pages as well as others. Have been reading a lot about which copter to get for my first; still undecided. Bought the simulator today (RealFlight Drone) and so far, like it. One thing it helps with is view orientation. If new totally new to R/C, these (copters) act like boats (in air space vs water space) when maneuvering. One actually "slips" left and right and some rudder is needed to actually turn, very cool.
  7. Greetings from Greensboro, NC. Over the course of my life I've been privileged to learn many different avenues that will relate to this craft. And a multi-craft it is and in it's learning stages of potential. I've always been interested in flying and flew in some old aircraft (Old DC-3 / Roles Royce Engines). I've piloted a variety of R/C planes, cars, and boats although it's been a while. I'm a 30yr network tech and an electronic tech (DeVry grad). I've learned electric motors, HO cars at an early age. I'm very mechanically inclined and will eventually build my own. It's just too much fun not to, lol. I know a bit about cameras but have to decline where, per the US Navy. Know some avionics too. Studying the FAA Exam and hope to take it soon. Glad I found this arena of knowledge and fellow enthusiast as I hope to contribute as well as learn. Thank you, Alan, for this privilege. Best regards to All, Charles aka GreatHornedOwl