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  1. @Matt Newby, another good resource are the FAA facility maps. You'll see airports/airspaces color coded green with a LAANC readiness status of 1 if you can use LAANC. Some airspaces have defined LAANC elevations/areas but haven't activated yet. Those are color coded red with a LAANC readiness status of 0.
  2. Just tried Kittyhawk for the first time yesterday and it worked! Still can't get Airmap working. Stinks... 75 flights then it stopped. I'm working with their support. Now I just need Kittyhawk to support LAANC authorizations on the Android app! Works fine on the iPad, though.
  3. I fly in PHX's class B about every week. Friday I tried, didn't get a text, and Airmap said "authorization rejected." So I tried in a couple other LAANC active airspaces that I've flown in before (Scottsdale and Denver). Same rejected msg. Same issue today. I've started a ticket with Airmap... can anyone test as well? Thanks.
  4. On the topic of waivers in the KIAD airspace being extended, I received the following email: The note is the only interesting part to me. I first regret the renewal not happening on time, but wish the FAA had a method to treat all of it's authorization holders the same
  5. We kept renewing, and kept getting a 9/30 expiration date. :/ I'm guessing the group that reviews these assumed everything was going LAANC on 9/30.
  6. Just hit my inbox:
  7. Thanks for sharing... I'm interested to hear what you find out. Unfortunately my waiver was submitted in the "old system" (whatever the pre-dronezone website was - I can't even remember it now!) HOWEVER, we did have another one east of IAD that was going to expire and I see in DroneZone that it too is extended to 9/30/19! Interesting. I'm inquiring on the other.
  8. Not much to report, but... From AirMap: From I'm going to start poking around the Herndon FSDO and see if I can at least get a comment from someone involved in this process.
  9. A few months ago it was reported by Airmap that Dallas Love Field and Hobby Airport LAANC was turned off due to issues with overlapping grids. Airmap and Skyward also said the following sites would be turned on "after September 2018:" Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) William P Hobby Airport (HOU) Dulles International Airport (IAD) Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) LaGuardia Airport (LGA) We hold waivers for the IAD area that had been renewed several times, but each time with 9/30/18 expirati
  10. @Steve Bennett, that's pretty frustrating. I'm in a similar situation, with landmarks and tower cranes higher than I'm allowed to fly with LAANC. I'm inclined to agree with @Ed O'Grady that these reviewers are not familiar with local airspace (or local anything). I'm hopeful this process is being developed and will improve. Until then, it's my opinion that the process goes: I submit for 200' in a 100' grid for two weeks from now. 24 hours before the flight, it pops up on someone's screen. A reviewer sees I'm requesting higher than the grid and denies it. Then I go to submit a good
  11. Below is the request denial/cancellation email I received after getting an automated FAADroneZone email.
  12. And I'm pretty "off-axis" to the runways (unless traffic is being routed goofy). About a year ago I had a waiver for a similar distance from PHX. When I called ATC they eventually asked my altitude and when I told them I got a "Oh... oh! Okay... well you're fine man... good to go!" mixed in with a little chuckle. So it goes. I scheduled a 200' AGL, 400' radius flight for 9/7. We'll see what happens!
  13. For what it's worth, Marshall from AirMap said future versions might have a small comment section. Things such as "FAA tower crane approval X 1/10 NM away," etc., might be helpful to include.
  14. I'm in a very similar situation as you (on a university 3 miles from airport, but grid is 100'). I just submitted one for a week from now at 200'. I watched AirMap's LAANC webinar from 2 months ago, but it didn't shed any light on this situation. I've dropped them a line to see what they might be able to share. Not a good sign from that local airport!
  15. TL;DR - Has anyone found success or a good process for getting approval to fly above a facility map max grid altitude in LAANC-active airspace? I made a longwinded Reddit post (probably not the best sub or place) but I'll recap here. I'm flying near PHX where it's Class B to SFC, and facility maps show 100' AGL max. AirMap and the LAANC approval process has worked great for me, however I'm interested in flying higher than 100'. So, 3 months ago I submitted an Airspace Authentication request for 300' with the same level of detail that I would provide for requests in non-LAANC a