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  1. There are a great many things to take into consideration when flying building inspections. The first place to start is to ask yourself: "What is my deliverable going to be?" I could honestly write a book on the subject of facade inspection with drones. Where are you located?
  2. 416UAVPilot

    Offshore Platforms Inspections

    2 options a) AscTec falcon 8 for piloted missions ($80k CAD) b) Aeryon Labs Skyranger for planned missions ($150k CAD) For safety and insurance purposes these are the only 2 VTOL I know of allowed to work on off shore rigs. I'm personally trying to get to the inspection side of things and it isn't easy.
  3. 416UAVPilot

    Hi-rise building inspections - equipment

    At 60 stories.... rent a helicopter for the upper sections. It's cheaper and safer, trust me I do what you are talking about for a living piloting for 2 companies.
  4. 416UAVPilot

    Falcon 8 - Asctech (Anyone currently using)

    I fly one for inspection mostly in dense urban areas. What do I like about it? It's a workhorse, only downside Is short flight time but stability is off the charts. Had it out in 20mph gusting up to 35mph last week and compared to many of my other machines my confidence wasn't shaken one bit.