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  1. Just took one of the quizzes for the recurrent testing and was confused by this question. I highlighted Area 6 in the 2nd image. I don't see anything that says it's "Private"...can someone chime in here to explain this? BAH. Disregard. Finally answered my own question. I'll be getting my glasses fixed 🤓
  2. Please consider me as well: Location: Oviedo, Florida (Seminole County) Experience: Drone pilot since Dec. 2016 / graphic artist since 2000 Portfolio: www.gonedronevideo.com Gone Drone Video YouTube Channel Contact info: Aaron Faircloth 407.694.6835 aaron@gonedronevideo.com
  3. I haven't had an issue yet, but most likely I'd politely explain to them that I have an FAA-sanctioned and legal license to fly the drone for commercial purposes. If they persisted, I'd most likely ask them to contact the police if they have an issue with it. As long as I know I'm legally compliant, I'm not too concerned about it. It's really just a courtesy that I inform neighbors of the drone. But at the same time, I like to think that informing people of my intentions also acts a small deed to help people relax about general drone use.
  4. Before every single photoshoot, I arrive early and knock on every surrounding neighbors’ door and explain to them why they may see a drone above or near their house. And almost every single time, I get “ohh thank you, I appreciate you letting me know”. in my experience just making people aware of your intentions eases their inhibitions about drones.
  5. I paid $3600 on Amazon. plus about $250 for the other accessories...
  6. $3000 and I'll throw in the drone and all the other accessories for free ? Sorry dude, package deal.
  7. Here are additional photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R7fIO-NgsNYDXKlBhgJllSzmfp-fZSaC And the reason there are 3 batteries is because the 4th one failed at only 11 cycles and 1 month out of warranty. DJI would not cover it. Otherwise, this drone is awesome. I just don’t need it anymore.
  8. Selling my Inspire 2 bundle: Excellent condition and all around amazing drone! Has about 9 hours on it. Comes with the Xenmuse X4s with ND8 polar filter, 3 batteries, sunshade for ipad, lightning connector cable to connect controller to ipad, extra propellers, upgraded thumb rocker sticks for precision controlling, all power cables and chargers, standard case (very sturdy btw). $3,000 (does not include shipping...I live in Orlando, FL.). Serious inquiries only please. PM me for any other details or more photos.
  9. Working with flysafe to resolve this now. As far as unlocking, what I meant was I followed their zone unlocking procedure as far as I could go via their website. But since it came up as a restricted zone, it said there was no unlock available. This is for a P4P+
  10. I agree on some points Chuck. I think predominantly they cater to hobbyists, which inherently leaves professionals needing more. But overall my experience hasn’t been entirely negative. Granted, their customer service is a joke, but I’ve been able to start and maintain a successful business with their products. This is the only time DJI’s software has grounded one of my operations.
  11. Allan, yes I had to calibrate the compass as soon as I turned on the drone. i updated the drone about 3 weeks ago so I can’t imagine the geo-fencing data would be THAT different? i emailed DJI to get further help with this issue. Even though I live, relatively, near Kennedy Space Center, Patrick Air Base, the hub of Orlando and all of Disney, this is the first time I’ve been unable to take off.
  12. I had a job this morning that was near Disney here in Orlando (job location is approximately 5 miles away). I have an FAA airspace authorization to perform the job. After driving 40 miles to the location, the DJI software determined I was in restricted airspace and would not allow me to take off [insert multiple expletives here]. I followed the necessary steps to unlock the zone through their website. At the end of that process, it still deemed me in restricted airspace and wouldn't let me fly. For reference, here's the webpage that details the TFR. http://tfr.faa.gov/save_pages/detail_4_3634.html Unless I'm reading it incorrectly, the job I was performing fits within the categories allowed. So I have 4 questions: 1. How am I supposed to unlock this zone for further operations? 2. Is there a way to disable the geo-fencing feature to allow the drone to fly when I have legal authorization to do so? 3. Is this just a DJI limitation or do other UAS end-users experience the same problem? 4. Is there a way to determine ahead of time (i.e. before driving 40 miles), that DJI is going to require a ZONE UNLOCK?
  13. And that is precisely the perspective I was looking for which I was looking. That's a very good point though. We are the minority, unfortunately.