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  1. Regarding re-calibrating your IMU....for clarification I meant that if you have a good calibration at a particular location by all means keep it. Do not calibrate inside the structure but outside if you have to. Although I do not recommend taking off from a person holding the UAV up in the air, DJI has a procedure for the Phantom vintages to do so. I would never ever think of it with an I1. Hold on to one if you are wondering why. Any place you hold the I1 there is less than an inch in clearance from your finger not to mention the booms are going to articulate while TRYING to hold it. I can't
  2. Inspections inside metal building will be like nothing you have tried before. The experience will be as unique as the building itself. Every nuance will create a different challenge and you will find yourself questioning everything you thought you knew about piloting a sUAV. Recently there have been a rash of inspections where drones have gone down outside, they all happen to be near high levels of electricity. You already know this but you will have to fly in ATTI mode and get really good at everything you do. Be sure you are prepared to be "reversed" time and again. Do not re-calia
  3. Does Anyone out there have any information regarding inspections inside a metal building with high levels of EMF. These inspections are important to me and i need to find a way to control an Inspire 1 for the mean time. If any other models or components will work please advise. I am on an Innovation Team and we have come a long way to get stalled out a little bit. Please help with any knowledge or suggestions possible. Mr. Perlman do you have any ideas? Where to go for more information?