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    Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K

    Hello Brent, and everybody else, I just today was finally able to get the simulator program to work. I had gotten the USB in the mail during the week but was having a lot of problems getting the actual program to work for me, including calling Yuneec USA and getting help from them. Although Yuneec USA now sells the dongles they do not have any US download site, it defaults back to the Yuneec.de site for the download link. It took a great guy in my opinion, Duane Davis of Sky Drones USA in Iowa, to help me get going with it. He tried everything and spent several hours of his Saturday on the phone with me and on the computer including "team viewer" to see if he could directly get it working on my computer, the downloads kept coming up with "cannot open file" error messages when attempting to open the Zip files. He finally determined that for whatever reason, and probably a slow Internet connection, the file was never entirely getting downloaded to any of my computers, just a guess though as I couldn't get it to work on a computer at work with a 5 Gb download speed either. He finally found a program and was able to send the entire 107 MB file he had, via email, then it loaded, and worked right off. The video is above is the same one he later sent me a link to when I couldn't get the transmitter paired with the dongle and program, this video shows exactly what you have to do and the steps to make it work as well as demonstrates the program in use. Now that it's working it is great and very realistic! As it was snowing all day today here it was really nice to be able to "fly" the Q500+ and get some practice in! So, when all installed, you start the Simulator program, insert the dongle, a pop up will say "turn on transmitter" and if you have previously "bound" the transmitter to the dongle, and haven't flown the real Q500 since, it will connect right away and you're good to go. As the video shows you are in essence making the transmitter able to connect with another Q500 that is the 'virtual' Q500 so you will have to connect with each one to fly it, the real and the virtual and back and forth. There is basically no instructions with the program or the dongle so others experiences and videos like above are your best bet! I hope it will work right off for you!
  2. JTBrn

    Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K

    Hello GHawker, I debated the Q500+ versus the 4K when I was buying mine. As we don't have any 4K TVs and I already knew 1080p video files are very large files to begin with, learned that from my HD camcorder and it's SD card files, I decided to get the Q500+ Pro version. I'm hoping that at some future update they might add the variable camera settings of the 4K, to the CGO2 otherwise I'm very happy with the 500+. That said, with the recent cost cuts, if I was buying now, and also now knowing more fully about the 4K camera then I did then, I think I'd just get the 4K version and downgrade the footage as you mention. Yes to the inability to take video and photos at the same time, that in itself isn't a big deal to me and many editing programs can do "screen grab shots" from the paused video. It is talked about a bit in the manual that comes with the craft or you can download the manual off the Yuneec site. I had gotten the manual several weeks before getting the Q500+ so I could be more familiar with it when I actually got it. I also can't say enough about the many tests and how-to videos on YouTube and there are some good videos on the Yuneec site also. I grew up and lived in Southern California until retiring and moving to North Idaho 10 years ago. I'm only missing California now because I haven't been able to fly much at all over the winter up here! Enjoy the flying!
  3. JTBrn

    Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K

    My 2 cents about learning this, or any new copter is, #1 PATIENCE!!! #2 Do NOT try to learn to fly it in anything less than a large field or parking lot! I got mine in November and since I'm in the Northwest US very near Canada, it snows, a lot, and it get pretty cold so much of the fall and winter here have been getting some flights in but more often watching all the videos of everyone else flying! I did take a chance and flew on a day I shouldn't have, I too am a licensed pilot and fell for the "I've got to fly - itis", which resulted in a 2 minute flight ending when the winds got the quad into the side of a building because I was a bit over confident and took a chance flying in an area too confined and too windy for my second flight, around our house! I knew better but also wanted to fly the copter so badly I let it take my better judgment, to the cost of over $100.00 in parts and shipping for them from Yuneec. No problems since that day but I'm still at the high stress level every flight! These aren't inexpensive!! When I crashed mine fell from only about 6 feet up and while they are all somewhat strong they're still very fragile, a lot of videos of those crashes too! I am very glad I have chosen the Yuneec brand and really love the flying characteristics. I have found for me using the "turtle" mode while recording video makes the pans and transitions very, very smooth. They can become a bit jumpy in "rabbit" mode but I guess you could just edit those out. Good luck in this new flying adventure!
  4. I too hope this information will pan out to be the way it will work. I am only wanting to use my quad for photos and some video. I'm already a licensed pilot and got into these specifically for the new options of low altitude photos and video, and the options of using the quad is so much nicer, and safer, than attempting the same photos while flying a Cessna. I have been debating about the 333 paperwork since before I got my Yuneec in November. I think the current band aid system in place can't sustain the growing industry and will just get bogged down. So the ideas mentioned at the start of this thread sure look good to me! For now though, I think I'll continue learning the quad and keep watching the events unfold.