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  1. So I believe I have solved the issue. In case anybody else is having this or a similar issue. The ground station was having difficulty receiving parameters as well as issuing commands because the telemetry stream was too fast. The drone wasn't getting a chance to read the port to see if the ground stations was issuing commands. Simply turning down the MP attitude rate solved my problem.
  2. Thank your for testing that out for me. I have tested again and still have the same issue. I know it is supposed to behave the way yours does. I'm going to look into the versions of my firmware/software and see if there are any new updates that may fix it. Unfortunately that doesn't shed much light on whats wrong with mine but I very much appreciate your help.
  3. If you could try using MP next time you get a chance that would be great. For my purposes I need it to happen automatically through a script. I figured the issue was with my script but when I checked directly through MP it was unable to change as well. Curious if it's a firmware issue or something else that I'm just unaware of.
  4. I am currently trying to change the flight mode while flying my copter but cannot do it properly. Using mission planner's actions tab I can change the flight mode while the copter is disarmed on the ground without issue. Once I arm the drone it no longer responds to mode changes. This appears to be true for any mode change including RTL and AUTO. The flight computer is the pixhawk with standard firmware loaded onto it. I am using a 3dr DIY quad copter kit and a frsy receiver bound to an iris+ controller. I am unsure where the problem lies and am starting to think it may have to do with the configuration on my handheld controller. If anybody has any insight or recommendations as to where to look please let me know and thanks in advance!
  5. I have built the 3DR DIY Quad kit before. I built the frame and kit from standard components, and used relatively standard non-kit components. Got the parts recommended to go with the kit from a 3DR rep. The build itself was relatively painless, but the kit doesn't come with extra nuts or bolts so be very careful when building it. I did run into a few issues during the build and shortly after. First when I attempted to update the firmware on the pixhawk using the setup wizard with Mission Planner it was unable to write the firmware. I had to manually compile the firmware and push it through the port using windows command prompt. The other issue I had was with the washer and nut that attaches the blade to the motor, after a few test flights I noticed one set was missing, and others were loose. I was surprised given the copious amount of thread lock used and have since upgraded to a nylon lock washer. Also I believe the kit claims to require some soldering but everything was previously assembled for mine. As far as nonstandard components, I soldered a few JST connectors to the PDB so I can attach external parts to run directly off the battery. The kit itself isn't very inviting towards extra components. From there I wired in an UBEC and connected an Xbee for telemetry data and such. That was quite fun since the pixhawk powers 5V from the telem port but 3.3v from the rx/tx. All in all it's been a fun, yet tedious process of building. Now I'm struggling with some software issues. Pixhawk doesn't appear to change flight modes unless it's disarmed, including RTL.