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  1. Very nice Tim. I am guessing this was before the massive snow storm that recently hit Minnesota
  2. Welcome Pete
  3. Flying my toy around I noticed a house was getting ripped down and watched for a bit. Story I am hearing is an older couple sold the house and land around it to a developer. This was recorded over two days and played around with an editor a bit on it. Not a professional job at all and still need some practice on control of the drone and camera but thought I would share even though it is not as cool as a ocean waves on a New England coast line with gulls and pelicans (yea Bert, I am jealous ). Always open to any suggestions and critiques. Drone is a Phantom 4 with 4K camera and edit on PowerDirector 15. -Tater
  4. Hello all, I am Steve, but go by Tater (No, no relation or reference to Ron White. Had the nickname long before he was famous) Am a new drone hobbyist and gotta say this is a fantastic website! Was the 2nd I found on the subject and have looked no further. Simply looking to share ideas and learn as much as I can to have fun with it. I started with the small/cheap indoor drones about a year ago and recently moved up to a DJI Phantom 4 based on seeing a friend's P3P and loving every flight. Got some videos but looking for a good editor before I post anything. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and continue to enjoy the rest of the holidays. - Tater