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  1. I know that when in beginner mode, that the altitude and I believe distance are both limited to 30M. Is that the only limitation? I couldn't find any info in the manual I downloaded off DJI's site pertaining to this (I may have missed it though). Also, what happens if you go beyond this 30M in Beginner mode? Will the drone just stop at that distance?
  2. That stinks. Before I got the P3S, my wife bought my a cheap drone with a fixed "HD camera". It was good to toss around for a day or two, but ultimately sent it back and ordered the Phantom. The camera on the one she bought was not only far from HD quality, it would not focus. It was terrible. I saw some videos of some other people with the same drone, and while not great quality, it was in focus and better than what I had. There were no focus adjustments, so it too was a lemon. Can't complain though, that defective unit led me to getting a Phantom and ultimately to this site.
  3. Curious as to why you called the P3S the worst drone ever. It is a huge step up from what I started with.
  4. Is DJI Care worth it? I hear horror stories about DJI's support, so not sure if this is worthwhile. Are there 3rd party warranty companies that are a better option? I just got a Phantom 3 Standard so its not that expensive.
  5. Great. Thanks Timmy. Will keep an eye on the Forums more to learn and will check in about Firmware updates.
  6. I got my new Phantom 3 Standard today and planned to update the firmware as I heard you must do this before you can use it. Mine said it was up to date in the app and everything went smoothly on it's maiden voyage (although just a short flight of no more than 8' of height in the rather confined back yard). So, do some ship with firmware up to date?
  7. Looks like they have really moved along with the construction there. The building in framing hadn't even broken ground when I was there. Actually, the driveway was not even in place yet. Great job with the video Kirt, it looks amazing.
  8. Is the setup for the P3 Standard the same? I just ordered one today and am looking to get all the info before it arrives. Thanks.