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  1. @Sparkles - I agree with Perlman on this one. Not many strictly hobbyist pilots get insurance. However, it can be done. If you would like to learn more about UAS insurance, I have compiled some content below. I am also a contributor to the insurance link that Perlman provided above. Please let me know if you have any specific questions. I am very well versed on this subject. Drone U Podcast InterviewDrone Insurance for Commercial Operations: Demystifying Your Coverage Options - This is a condensed version of the article that appeared in RotorDrone Magazine.How to Insure a UAV - Washington State Unmanned Aviation Technology CoalitionUAV Coach Content - A Step-by-Step Guide to Liability and Drone Hull Insurance - I contributed only part of this content.Done Insurance 101 Facebook GroupHow to Insure a UAV - Center of Excellence Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing - This content is very similar to the Washington State Unmanned Aviation Technology Coalition whitepaper above.Do you think that you have learned enough to request a commercial UAV insurance quote? If so, please follow the link below in order to request a free quote. Most commercial operators can request, receive, bind, and pay for the quote within 10-15 minutes.Get a Free Commercial UAS Insurance Quote Now!
  2. Hello! Please follow the link below for a podcast interview about UAV insurance that I recently did for agflyers.com. If you have any follow up questions, please let me know. http://agflyers.com/podcast-commercial-drone-insurance-101/ Thanks, Joe Ernster Bullock Agency, Inc. joe@bullockagency.com
  3. Are you thinking about becoming a commercial UAV pilot under FAA part 107? If so, UAV insurance should be a main concern of your new business. A vast majority of "standard" liability insurance policies exclude anything that has to do with aircraft. Since UAVs are under the purview of the FAA, they are considered to be aircraft by most insurers. So how do you get your new UAV operation insured? Easy, contact an aviation specific insurance broker (I happen to be one). If this sounds intimating, you are not alone. However, once you understand the basics of insuring an aircraft, you will be an aviation insurance wizard. The base policy in the aviation insurance industry is liability only. The limits on liability only policies range from $500,000 each occurrence all the way up to $5,000,000 each occurrence. However, if higher limits are needed, they can be negotiated. This liability coverage will protect you from any Bodily Injury or Property Damage claims that may arise from your operation of your insured UAV(s). Fly through a window while shooting a real estate video and land on somebody's grand piano? Covered. Hit a passerby and cut their finger? Covered. After you have purchased liability coverage, and are looking for more protection, you can then add "hull" coverage to your policy with some of the aviation insurance companies. Hull coverage is physical damage to your UAV itself. This is a "Stated" or "Agreed" value. Let us say you have a basic DJI Phantom 3 Professional that you have insured for $1000. You slam this aircraft into a tree and completely destroy it. The insurance company takes a look, sees that it will not be feasible to repair it, and they deem it a total loss. In this scenario, you would get a check for $1000 minus any applicable deductibles ( UAV deductibles are usually 5% - 10% of the insured value of the aircraft). Same logic applies to any other UAV. However, if you have an inspire 1, with a very expensive upgraded camera, you would want to "schedule" the aircraft and the camera separately. The upgraded camera can be added to most UAV insurance policies as "payload" equipment. Liability and Hull coverage are the main coverages that you should be concerned with as a commercial UAV operator. There are some other "ancillary" coverages that I will address in future posts. Thanks, Joe Ernster Bullock Agency, Inc. joe@bullockagency.com