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  1. Nice website Jack, with very nice images and video! Looks like a decent platform with good pricing! I like the area you're from, I'm in Florida but originally from CT. I get up that way a couple of times a year, and should be making a trip toward the end of May. I drive a car back and forth for a woman in Malden, so it gives me a chance to visit friends and family in CT. And where I go, drone goes with me!
  2. They want to implement that, they better open up all city, state and National Parks to us!
  3. Jim if you're trying to install the GUI on a Win10 computer, it won't work! It needs to be Win8 or Win7 to load at all. No workaround for it yet. I'm on Win7 for the Chroma and have it loaded successfully!
  4. From what I've gathered on the user groups, the biggest concern for some reason is with the 4K unit like mine. With that said, I've not had any issues myself and have updated to the latest firmware for the ST10+. I've not extended the height of the geofence and plan to stay under the 400' required by the FAA. I have extended the geofence for distance with no issues. There is also a third party range extender available from Carolina Dronz. If you're interested, I can email the link to the specific item. They have also been a very reliable source for other accessories for the Chroma as well. Feel free to contact me with any other questions regarding the Chroma. I'm very happy with mine!