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  1. @MCooogan1 I agree with all of the feedback mentioned above. One of the main things you want to accomplish with a video is a story, no matter what the video is being edited for. Even simple real estate videos need to tell a story. I do like the idea of using stills in the video too, not many people do that and it has to be done just right for it to work. I think a lot of the transitions can be eliminated and some of the shots in the beginning were long. What I really liked is your write up and answering of the questions. You used the course appropriately and answered the questions sp
  2. This is a great idea too. I have used FCP X's proxy feature a bunch of times, and know it uses ProRes 422 Proxy files. It sounds like you are looking for it to use an even lower quality format to keep library file size minimal. While you can't dictate which proxy format the built-in feature uses, you may be able to accomplish what you want with the re-linking feature. Not tested yet, but if you use compressor to make ultra low quality versions of your masters, it might let you "re-link" from the menu to those "proxy" files after it can't find the masters anymore.
  3. This is an awesome idea for a course lecture! Thank you, will definitely incorporate that in some way when making more material for the course.
  4. To get the best idea of what is in there now, take a look at the curriculum page for the course (link below). It shows each and every lecture if you scroll down some. I don't want to write my exact ideas yet until some fresh feedback comes in because I don't want to steer anyone in a certain direction yet. Want to just hear anything and everything people might want to see.
  5. Hi all, I am planning out some improvements and updates to the Post-Production course and part of that is a consideration for making some new screencast videos on either new topics or going more in depth on a topic already covered. So, wondering what everyone thinks should be included and hoping at least a few of you have some time to share more in-depth thoughts over email or a phone call. Just let me know, want to make the course something that appeals to even more students if possible. Best, Christian
  6. @Daniel Vavrecka Job well done! I am impressed. Great use of transitions especially when it comes to matching a type of transition with the shot's movement. I second @Av8Chuck's comments with having a bit more variety. Some shots were repetitive and long but I do like how on a few shots you chopped them up with a transition just to make it more dynamic. I rarely see people do that, and it shows you are thinking outside the box I think. The music worked well and overall, I don't have more comments than that if you can believe it! Definitely keep flying and practicing getting close-ups
  7. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is definitely the standard for most Windows based editing setups.
  8. Daniel, Again, sorry for the delay in response. I thought I fixed notifications on the forum but it appears I still do not get an email when these posts are put up by students. This is actually a very nicely done edit! The music is a perfect pick, the footage is crisp and clean, the transitions are nice and the motion tracked titles are awesome. Below are my few comments. 1.) A couple of clips especially towards the end, don't seem to match in color and white balance with the rest of the shots. It is not too off but it is noticeable. 2.) There were one or two horizons that