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  1. @MCooogan1 I agree with all of the feedback mentioned above. One of the main things you want to accomplish with a video is a story, no matter what the video is being edited for. Even simple real estate videos need to tell a story. I do like the idea of using stills in the video too, not many people do that and it has to be done just right for it to work. I think a lot of the transitions can be eliminated and some of the shots in the beginning were long. What I really liked is your write up and answering of the questions. You used the course appropriately and answered the questions sp
  2. This is a great idea too. I have used FCP X's proxy feature a bunch of times, and know it uses ProRes 422 Proxy files. It sounds like you are looking for it to use an even lower quality format to keep library file size minimal. While you can't dictate which proxy format the built-in feature uses, you may be able to accomplish what you want with the re-linking feature. Not tested yet, but if you use compressor to make ultra low quality versions of your masters, it might let you "re-link" from the menu to those "proxy" files after it can't find the masters anymore.
  3. This is an awesome idea for a course lecture! Thank you, will definitely incorporate that in some way when making more material for the course.
  4. To get the best idea of what is in there now, take a look at the curriculum page for the course (link below). It shows each and every lecture if you scroll down some. I don't want to write my exact ideas yet until some fresh feedback comes in because I don't want to steer anyone in a certain direction yet. Want to just hear anything and everything people might want to see.
  5. Hi all, I am planning out some improvements and updates to the Post-Production course and part of that is a consideration for making some new screencast videos on either new topics or going more in depth on a topic already covered. So, wondering what everyone thinks should be included and hoping at least a few of you have some time to share more in-depth thoughts over email or a phone call. Just let me know, want to make the course something that appeals to even more students if possible. Best, Christian
  6. @Daniel Vavrecka Job well done! I am impressed. Great use of transitions especially when it comes to matching a type of transition with the shot's movement. I second @Av8Chuck's comments with having a bit more variety. Some shots were repetitive and long but I do like how on a few shots you chopped them up with a transition just to make it more dynamic. I rarely see people do that, and it shows you are thinking outside the box I think. The music worked well and overall, I don't have more comments than that if you can believe it! Definitely keep flying and practicing getting close-ups
  7. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is definitely the standard for most Windows based editing setups.
  8. Daniel, Again, sorry for the delay in response. I thought I fixed notifications on the forum but it appears I still do not get an email when these posts are put up by students. This is actually a very nicely done edit! The music is a perfect pick, the footage is crisp and clean, the transitions are nice and the motion tracked titles are awesome. Below are my few comments. 1.) A couple of clips especially towards the end, don't seem to match in color and white balance with the rest of the shots. It is not too off but it is noticeable. 2.) There were one or two horizons that
  9. I believe I read somewhere that the point of sport mode on the I2 is it lets you go faster by allowing a greater pitch angle, but in exchange the props get into the shot sometimes, but can be cropped out. So it becomes a matter of do you want a true clear frame and less speed or a cropped clear frame and greater speed.
  10. The last lecture in Module 1 is "Project Sample Files Download". The link is in there!
  11. Yup, this is the correct section! You could have started a new thread regarding the specific topic so it's easier for other students to find in the future but it's okay, not a problem at all. C
  12. Hi @Paula P, Nice to see you working through the lectures! I am not sure what you mean by the "blue line showing in the section". What section are you referring to? And yes, that is the way to show the used portion of clips. It used to be enabled by default on FCP X v10.2. The reason why I did not do an actual section of the lecture dedicated to settings is because there really are not many settings at all if you take a look in FCP X preferences. And the settings it does provide are more personal settings rather than essential settings for editing. I know I did mention the
  13. Thanks for signing up! Looking forward to working with you on growing your editing skills. In general, course related questions and questions that pertain to content or theories taught in the course, however, I am happy to answer any other questions as best as I can. Start another thread in this section of the forum with your questions and I'll respond there. That way we keep it all organized. Best, C
  14. I would expect that behavior when losing GPS signal in F mode with course lock enabled. I am trying to think of a way that the Inspire would be able to hold flying on a line in course lock without GPS but I can't think of anything that would work with what tech the Inspire has onboard. I don't think the compass would be capable of doing that kind of flying...
  15. @scottyrunyan Just to let you know, the course has been totally updated to take into account a lot of new material and feedback we got from people around the community regarding what they want to see. Production of the course is done and it should be launching very soon, final touches are being put on the launch plan of the course. We expanded the course to cover more editing topics as well as supplemental topics such as file sharing and collaboration tools for editors. We also are including some awesome case studies that dive deep into some major projects I have worked on, thus giving you an
  16. @Alan Perlman Always happy to answer! @Bert Very very nice shots. Job well done! I love the composition of the shots and the fog looks sick! Especially with the bits of color on the trees sticking up here or there. Coloring looks fine to me, except for maybe one or two shots where most of the fog looked purple sort of, but maybe that is the natural color you were getting? It does look cool though... In terms of the edit, I think one of the major things I would change is the opening shot. It seems to be out of focus slightly but that may be because there is a mismatch between camera o
  17. It is a little bit similar to editing photos but essentially is different because of that main aspect we have been talking about, that is, the images moves from light areas to dark areas, etc... It helps to use the right software first of all. Adobe Premiere has a 3-way color corrector built in to adjust the shadows, midtones, and highlights of the video but this applies the correction to the entire clip. In advanced color correction, you can actually apply trackers to the shots that keep tracking of movement and adjust color based on many parameters. This is something beyond what you wil
  18. I would recommend Final Cut Pro X above anything else and then Adobe Premiere next. I would highly advise against using Photoshop to edit videos since it is mainly for photos. At least use a video editing program to make cuts of footage. As far as your video goes, I would play around with Color Correction and practice normalizing the color amongst the entire cut. It seems to vary a little bit depending on where the drone is. This topic as well as a lot more is covered in the Post-Production Course. If you are interested, sign-up for launch updates here:
  19. I have exactly what you need! Minus being in Atlanta.... But, if you are ever in New York or surrounding area and need someone, let me know!
  20. Hi @Bert, I responded to your question about this on another thread but forgot to tag your name in it so not sure if you saw it. We are making some changes to the course to make it more heavy on the post-production end based on the feeling we are getting from potential students around the community. So, I don't have an exact idea of the release time yet since we are still recording the lectures (going into the studio today actually to do some more). But, if you are signed up for updates on the course page, you will get updates about the release when Alan starts sending them for sure.
  21. I think composition wise it is pretty good for the most part. One thing I noticed is the panning in the first "shot". it looks like while the drone is circling the lighthouse, you pan a little, then stop, but keep flying sideways, then you pan a little more smoothly but stop the pan, while still flying sideways. This creates a noticeable effect with motion blur. The color looks nice to me. I might increase the saturation and contrast little bit more but I like it overall, nice work! It also looks like the footage is a little jittery like its dropping frames. Did you set your timeline
  22. Bert, We are making some changes to the course to make it more heavy on the post-production end based on the feeling we are getting from potential students around the community. So, I don't have an exact idea of the release time yet since we are still recording the lectures (going into the studio today actually to do some more). But, if you are signed up for updates on the course page, you will get updates about the release when Alan starts sending them for sure. Christian
  23. @Alan Perlman Always have time to help out! @Bert Like Alan mentioned, let me know if there is something specific you are looking for feedback on. But, in general, I like this shot! The color is pretty nice. I would work with the shadows a little bit more to bring out some more detail in the land. Since most of the frame is being taken up by the land I think it should be exposed a little bit more. If I were using this shot in a video, I would definitely not speed it up at those portions unless it was required for the story of the piece or the music. And, I think I would actually play the
  24. Vimeo is really awesome too. If I am not using for a project, I am using Vimeo or Dropbox.