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  1. Carter, Nice work! It appears you had this whole video planned out well and you thought carefully about the story you wanted to tell. I think you did a great job of telling the story, and I think it is a great story to tell through a video, especially using drone footage. Some notes/questions... 1: Did you try to color correct this footage? A lot of it looks underexposed and like it could use some color correction. 2: I really like the epic feel of the music. And a lot of the shots are well composed and beautiful! Nice job! 3: The edits seem to cut pretty well with the music so nice work on that. 4: A lot of the shots have a tilted horizon. Guess it is just how they got filmed, but you can fix this in Final Cut! Use the transform tool or adjust the rotation in the inspector for each clip with a tilted horizon. Make the horizon level in the viewer and then drag the edges of the clip (or adjust the scale in the inspector) to make the clip bigger to eliminate the black areas on the edges that will be made from rotating the clip. Let me know if you need more clarification on how to do this. 5: Lastly, there are a few shots with weird camera jiggles or slightly awkward random movements. Look carefully through all of the clips you used and eliminate anything that isn't absolutely perfect. This will make sure your video is the best it can be. The video is already on the longer side so it won't be too detrimental to remove some shots like that. Let me know what you think! Can't wait to see the next cut. Best, Christian
  2. Thanks, but I do need to brush up on motion tracking and effects like that. i just know color grading and editing in Resolve. Have not tried MOCA yet. Didn't have the time for this project to start messing around in AE. Only know the very most basic things in it. One day... I'm guessing the issue in Resolve is it just doesn't have enough in the image on the ground to lock onto for the tracking data. I adjust the "strong" setting when applying the stabilize command to the tracking data on the logo clip, and I can adjust it lower and the logo gets better but then past -150 it gets worse again in terms of being anchored. So for someone reason the way it is now in the video is the best I could get it, at least with just playing with that setting.
  3. Inspire 1 RAW (X5R) Full Kit! Batteries, dual RCs, lot of extras. Expertly maintained and low time. USA. Well, we are selling our faithful Inspire 1 RAW with X5R. Got this shortly after it was released from DJI last year for use on a few jobs but now with Inspire 2 we are shooting most stuff with that and X5S. (pictures attached) This aircraft is in top condition. Total 24 hours of flight and expertly maintained. Complete and detailed maintenance and flight records have been kept on the aircraft and the batteries. Batteries have been cycled religiously every 10 charges. This kit contains everything you need to get up and going except a mobile device for the controllers of course. We are a professional aerial cinematography provider in New York. Having worked decades in aerial filming with helicopters, we adapted our knowledge and drone upkeep procedures from those of the manned aircraft. Even visually this aircraft is spotless. Very light signs of use, few small marks near where the gimbal attaches, small scratch on one of the RCs, etc... Never had an issue with this aircraft at all. Has latest firmware and operates without any problems. Kit available on Long Island or in southern Connecticut locally, or can ship to you... Total Value of Kit as We Purchased It: $7,300 TOTAL KIT SALE PRICE: $5,900 $5,500 $5,300 (you can make an offer too) PM or email Kit Contains: 1 – Inspire 1 RAW (v2.0) Aircraft 1 – Zenmuse X5R Camera/Gimbal with DJI MFT f/1.7 15mm Lens 1 – X5R 512GB SSD 1 – X5R SSD Reader and USB 3.0 Cable 2 – Remote Controllers (for dual op use) 2 – Sets of Props (1 un-opened, other in great condition) 5 – Batteries (1 TB47, 4 TB48s) (battery cycles below) 4 – Motor Dust Guards (the red rings on the motors in picture) 1 – DJI 4-Position Battery Charging Hub 1 – DJI Battery Heater 1 – DJI 100W charger (with AC cable) 1 – DJI 180W rapid charger (with AC cable) 1 – Battery to RC charger cable 2 – Micro USB Cables 1 – Spare Gimbal Mounting Plate Vibration Dampers Kit 3 – Battery Insulation Sticker Kits 2 – DJI RC Shoulder Straps 4 – Neewer Lens Filters for X5R (2 NDs, 1 CP, 1 UV) 1 – DJI Inspire 1 RAW Suitcase (great condition) 1 – DJI X5R Box (great condition, fits in DJI suitcase) 1 – All original documentation and case foam inserts/caps/plugs, etc... Battery Cycles as follows: The 1 TB47: 30 cycles The 4 TB48s: 30 cycles, 23 cycles, 26 cycles, 21 cycles Happy to answer any questions! ~Chris
  4. @Av8Chuck I think that is what it is all about and I think that is what people mess up so often. You aren't building a video to show off your actual flying, the aircraft isn't what is normally being featured IN THE SHOT of course. You are filming and editing to show off the composition of the photography you can achieve with your flying. If you want to make a video that shows off the piloting, get into FPV racing and make a demo reel for that lol. I agree with the logo, I wanted to see what others thought. For some reason Da Vinci Resolve just would not lock down on the tracking of the ground enough to anchor it properly. Am still working on it, but might just take it out. I'm no special FX or animation expert so its becoming a bit of a hassle.
  5. While all of you in the Aerial Post-Production 101 course have been working on your reels, I have been working on a new one as well. Time for you all to be the "instructor" and let me know what you think. Always want to improve in anyway possible! Enjoy.
  6. I too am always looking at how to address this. It is a fundamental challenge when filming with rapidly changing lighting conditions too. I wish I had a better answer, but I think you address this through practice. With the aerial cinematography work I have done, watching some of the greatest aerial cinematographers at work, I have noticed that they just have such a precise way of adjusting the iris and focus and everything while in the middle of a shot. It is done so perfectly that you don't even notice the changes in exposure being made, you just notice a perfectly exposed shot while filming the object and moving around. You can set and lock exposure if all you are trying to do is keep the focus set for a certain object while you are just adjusting the drone or changing position. If you are still filming the object from the same direction, then the exposure can stay the same of course. The specifics on how to lock exposure depend on the drone/camera you are using. Which one do you have? With consumer/prosumer drones/cameras, the controls are usually not precise enough to really make adjustments while operating so you might find it hard to do that first method, but none-the-less, practice can't hurt. Christian
  7. Awesome! I have been hearing of a lot of people using music from soundcloud lately. There are some great artists on there!
  8. Awesome footage!! And editing style.... Where did you get the music from? I love it!
  9. Definitely much better! And yes, essentially FCP X will let you do things like that. If you get Final Cut and have specific questions with setting it up and using it, just ask! Happy to help!! Christian
  10. Roxanne, Glad you are enjoying the course! Don't be afraid to reach out with questions you have while editing. I am happy to help, that's what I am here for! These shots are awesome!! Well done! I love your plan for the video, how you executed it, and the structure. This is a perfect example of a video with titles over the shots. The titles have a purpose being there, to quickly describe some features of the rental, and you made them small and not distracting from the main shots. Below are two notes I have after watching the video, to consider for your next cut. 1.) At 00:00:22:00 I think the cross dissolve can be moved back a little bit to match the sound of the music. Somewhere around 00:00:21:00 sounds about right but you might have to play with it. Check all your other fades too and make sure they exactly correspond with some sort of sound in the music, so it all flows nicely. 2.) Make sure to pay close attention to small movements in the camera or drone, that really aren't meant to be there. For example, at 00:00:11:00 the shot is tilting down nice and smooth and then there is a sudden adjustment to the right and then the smooth tilt continues. You probably did this while filming to better frame up the beach, but you wouldn't want to show a quick small movement like that in the cut. It looks out of place. Since it is already filmed and you obviously aren't going to go back and reshoot that, you can adjust the clip so it fades in before or after that small correction, assuming you don't have any other jerks in the movement before or after that point. In Final Cut (and other conventional NLEs), you would use a "slip edit" to achieve this quickly and easily. I don't think iMovie has this common functionality so you might have to completely remove the shot and then select the proper range and bring it into the timeline again. If you do, then don't use the shot, unfortunately. There are a few other shots in the piece that have small movements or jerks that don't belong. See if you can find them. Everything should be ultra smooth and flowing nicely. Let me know if you have any questions about these points or other topics. If you make a new cut, make sure to post it back here so we can see. Again, nice work! ~Christian
  11. Greg, It's a huge positive because it shows you have the thought process to think outside of the normal. The key is just fine tuning exactly when and how much to think outside the box. It's something that only comes with lots of practice, and usually takes a while to perfect.
  12. Greg, I think there are some fundamental changes to be made before I can comment on specifics like color correction, if shots line up exactly with the music, selection of shots, etc... First off though, I like your thought process of going for something unique and different, but I think in the situation you mention above of wanting to use the video to advertise for business purposes, I think it needs to follow a more conventional format. Below are a few major points that we can work on changing to smooth the flow of the video and align it to show what you want, but having it done in a subtle way. 1.) I think most of the titles can be removed, especially the long scrolling ones. The best way to say what you want and tell a story is to actually convey it with the video and editing. Instead of explaining what you want with text, let's see if we can show viewers the benefits of aerials just through the footage itself. This will be a combination of selecting the right shots, the best of the best, as well as editing them together in a way that flows at a proper speed. 2.) I think the music can be altered too. Thumbs up for thinking creatively and matching the quick cutting shots up with the feel of the music, but I think it cuts too fast and is not the right music for a business piece. Usually with a short video like this, one music track is all that is needed for the entire piece. That way, things sound the same and flow smoothly rather than trying to get multiple tracks to sounds good together and having to change the cutting pace of the shots. 3.) The title at the end is fine, but I would probably remove the titles at the bottom telling what each group of shots is. If the shots are super beautiful and cut at an acceptable pace, they will speak for themselves. For example, if you show 5-6 beautiful landscapes in a row, you won't need a title saying "Landscape shots". The viewer will just figure it out on their own and know that what they are looking at is what they need. Titles over the actual video, especially those more than 1-2 words, distract viewers from focusing on the shots. You have some beautiful shots in this piece and some of them go by just too quickly. I want to see those shots for longer! Let me know what you think and what your plan is for another cut, and we'll work on it from there. I am very excited to see how this video turns out in the final cut eventually. Christian
  13. Email From Greg 1/23/2017 "Hey Christian, the video is intended to be a short demonstration of a few UAS video & still applications. My target is a commercial/ industrial client. I kept it pretty general (not targeting any specific industry) to display the variety of vantage points. I'm trying to enlighten those who may not be too familiar with this new industry of the possible applications to enhance their businesses."
  14. Hi Greg! Sweet! Glad you are enjoying the course. Can you tell me a little bit more about your goals for this video, what you are trying to show with it, who the audience might be, how you felt about the process of making it, and some things you learned and would do differently next time around? I want to get a better sense of the use for this video so I can comment appropriately. In the final assignment module of the course, there are questions pertaining to these topics if you want to look there and answer them here. Best, Christian
  15. Awesome! Well done. Good luck with getting those jobs.
  16. A great article and video on No Film School for those of you using Premiere Pro, especially in conjunction with the Aerial Post-Production 101 course.
  17. Glenn, Nice job! I like the unique nature of the video and your desire to tell your friend's story. I think overall the editing is pretty spot on for the most part. There are some things I would change regarding the actual shots, like how they were filmed, but obviously can't go back and film it again, so it isn't a huge deal. I think I mentioned some of my thoughts on the shots when you showed me the footage the first time a while ago. As far as this cut goes, two things to think about: 1.) The color, more specifically the exposure, varies a lot between some shots. A few shots in the beginning are underexposed and there were a couple towards the end that were overexposed. Try to correct them to at least have them all match, but preferably, the correct exposure too of course. 2.) Towards the end, at around 00:01:37:00, the voice over audio seems to get louder and have a little less bass. Did you do any editing to the audio or was this section recorded at a different time or something? If so, try and adjust the audio so it all matches and sounds fluid. Let me know if you need any clarification on any of these topics. Looking forward to the next cut! Christian
  18. Adjust the rotation value in order to change the rotation of the frame in the viewer, which will in turn help you straighten the shot out.
  19. Glad I could help, and awesome job on the next cut! Love the color, nice and bright and vibrant footage. The black border that was showing up around the whole image is not showing anymore, so whatever you did fixed it I guess. What issues do you think you are having with sequence settings? C
  20. If you click (you might have to double click) on the clip you want to rotate, and choose the effect controls tab in the viewer, there is an expandable menu called "Motion" with a sub-option called "Rotation" when you open it up. That is the setting you want. Let me know if you find it.
  21. Another benefit of Final Cut Pro X I just realized, helps you improve on spelling since I don't believe there is a spell check...
  22. Awesome, looks nice and straight now! And yes, I know the basics (like very basic) of After Effects. Round-tripping from FCP to Adobe products is obviously not as smooth as Adobe to Adobe but it is possible, through the XMLs that Final Cut Pro X can export. The last time I did a round-trip from Final Cut to an Adobe product, I had to export the XML from FCP X and then convert it to an XML for Adobe products. There is an app on the Mac App Store called XtoCC, it costs $49.99 and lets you do this... You convert the FCP X XML using that app, to bring your project into Premiere Pro. Then you can use Premiere to bring it into AE. They make another app called SendToX which is $4.99 and it lets you bring your Premiere/Adobe stuff back into FCP X. For the external hard drive, it really depends on the kind of speed you want, how much space you need, and how much money you want to spend. Then there are also things like, do you want redundancy with RAID, or will just be fine with single disk storage? I would look at the offerings by Lacie and G-Tech. Those two are very popular in the video editing world, especially Lacie's rugged drives. G-Tech makes a rugged line too. If your computer supports it, get a drive with Thunderbolt, hopefully Thunderbolt 2 or 3. Christian
  23. OK cool, in that case, there aren't a ton of comments for me to make now since the whole video is on one subject (a very nice one, though). So, I'm sure you already know, but for your actual reel when you do it, a large mixture and variety of shots will make it dynamic, the way a reel should be. I really like the music in this piece. It serves the point of the video very well, nice and smooth, not too crazy. The shots of the lighthouse are well composed and edited together with a fine flow for the point of this video. Two specific comments... 1.) You might be able to play with the color correction a little more and increase the saturation and contrast to really make it all pop. Not too much though, then it is overkill. 2.) One of the shots had a noticeably non-level horizon. A few of the other shots may have a had a horizon line that was slightly off. See if you can find these shots, and adjust them appropriately in post. This is one of the benefits of post-production, that you can make adjustments to fix issues that occur in shooting. Of course, the best solution is to film stuff perfectly from the beginning but that will just come with practice! Nice work, and nice footage! Really looking forward to seeing some of your other projects soon and to seeing a full demo reel with this content in it. Happy new year, Christian