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  1. Yes, if you select the clip in the timeline and go up to the "Clip" menu in the menu bar, there should be a "Speed/Duration" option that will open a window to adjust the speed of the clip.
  2. Glad to hear you are busy and glad to hear you like the course! Thank you for the feedback.
  3. Hayden, First, sorry for taking a little longer than normal to finish writing up my comments. I was away for the Thanksgiving holiday last week. Second, Australia looks beautiful! Definitely want to visit one day... General Notes Cool music! I like it! Works well for the footage I feel. I think a shorter cut overall will work much better especially considering that a lot of the shots are very similar so some can be eliminated. For example, there are multiple shots of the castle at the end where it is practically the same angle, just moving in a different direction. This is redundant and just takes up time. This also happens in the area with the tree shots and the hillside with the animals. Originally, I was going to comment individually on each of those shots and say which should go and which should stay but I decided to challenge you, to go through and try to evaluate for yourself which specific shots of each area are really worthy of staying. Pay attention to two things in particular... For one, it is perfectly fine to have multiple shots on a certain subject of course but try to vary the angles and movements you show. Two, pay very close attention to jerks in the camera movement. If you are going to speed up the footage like you have then small jerks and problems with the actual camera moves are going to be very noticeable. Pick the shots or sections of shots you use based on those that are perfectly smooth and don't vary in movement speed or jerk. You have to look very closely, sometimes it is easy to miss especially with the footage sped up. If you cut out shots based on these two criteria, you will get your shorter cut overall and at the same time be ensuring only the highest quality stuff is in there! Good job with picking and telling the "story" of the beauty of Australia! I think the piece accomplishes that so far and this is only a rough cut so it will only get better I think. Lastly, great job becoming more comfortable with Final Cut and analyzing what you can do next time to make the next cut even easier (i.e. have a plan, etc...) Since these changes will significantly change your cut, after you make them and rework the piece and submit it again, I can make more specific comments on shots and sections of the cut. I am very excited to see the next cut you submit. I think it is going to be great!! To answer your other questions... I do all of my major color correction in Da Vinci. You are right that FCP is limited in it's abilities for color correction. The round trip process works with XML exports and imports from FCP X. Make sure you have the latest versions of both software and try following the directions here: I think the flow in general of your piece is fine and I didn't notice any particular areas where I definitely would have done a cross dissolve or something instead of a cut, so good work! Best, Christian
  4. The last lecture in Module 1 is "Project Sample Files Download". The link is in there!
  5. Wait, in Mode 1 and Mode 2 yaw is on the left stick I think...
  6. Do you fly in Mode 1 or Mode 2? In Mode 2, yaw is controlled with left stick...
  7. Yes I believe I did speed this up in Final Cut, but only very slightly, to get it to fit in 15 second window for Instagram. I think now videos can be longer on Instagram but when I did this it told me 15 seconds limit. Wouldn't doing this on a Phantom 4 need left stick down and left stick left? To pan the camera to the left as it spirals down to the right? And right stick forward until it stops in front of lighthouse and then just goes down... Can the Phantom 4 yaw while going up and down? I think I tried that with a Phantom 2 once and it wouldn't yaw unless I made the throttle neutral.
  8. While it is true that working in d-log should give you more latitude for color and exposure edits in post, Alan is right. I find DJI's implementation of d-log to be very bad, at least for the X5/X5R. It might be a different case on something like a Phantom 4. I don't have one to try it out though... Would love to see DJI fix it for X5/X5R series but considering they haven't done it yet and now the Inspire 2 is out, I think I'm out of luck
  9. Awesome! Lighthouses are always great to film! Below is a link to a shot I did of a lighthouse once. I thought the move was pretty cool and dynamic. Trying to get dynamic shots is always a good idea beyond just the normal boring orbits and flyovers, etc... Can't wait to see a cut of your video!
  10. Don't worry! And don't be afraid to ask the questions here or email me, although I love that you take initiative and try to solve problems yourself... To adjust clips without moving the edit points (which throws the cuts off of the music) or without adding too much footage at the end beyond the music, you need to use a Slip Edit. A slip edit adjusts the in and out points of the clip without actually moving the edit points at the beginning and end on the timeline. So, you get to keep the length and position of the timeline clip but you are adjusting the content back and forth within that clip. You use the trim tool to perform this kind of edit. Here is the description of the process in the FInal Cut Pro X Manual.
  11. OK, this link worked! Nice! General Notes: Obviously the footage pool you have to work with is not super large, assuming you are just using the sample files I provided, but if your goal is to show a day in New York City, maybe try adding more footage to the video overall. This would of course require quicker cuts. Would be nice to see more footage and shots overall especially as the music picks up towards the end of the video. Try to pick out some shots that I did not use in my cut so you can practice selecting what is considered good cuts or not. Good choice of font for title at the end! It gives it some style that a regular normal boring font wouldn’t but it isn’t too crazy or un-professional. Time Specific Notes: 00:00:06:00 - Right after this shot finishes fading in, there is a slight camera move, a zoom out with the lens. Adjust the shot using the trim tool to “slip” the footage between the two edit points to have the shot fade in to a point after that awkward camera move. This actually happens in the first clip too, it fades in and then the camera adjusts. See if you can find a section of it that does not have a strange or noticeable camera move. Also, at the end of this shot with the sun between the buildings, one of the helicopter’s antennas comes into view in the upper right corner. Adjusting the shot can help get that out too. 00:00:25:00 - While zooming in on this shot, there is a weird shake in the camera. It smooths out after the zoom in finishes. Adjust the clip to have a section of the shot without the zoom in (or at least without the shake) maybe. I included clips with minor problems like these on purpose to get students used to looking for small issues in the footage, so I am glad you included this on your rough cut. I am not going to comment on details like alignment with music or anything yet because as you make your second rough cut that is going to change of course when you add more footage. This is definitely a complete rough cut you got here so great job getting through using Final Cut to make it happen and to get it exported correctly! As you edit more in Final Cut and get used to the interface you will find that you can focus more on the actual editing decisions instead of how to do something. Can’t wait to see the next cut! ~C
  12. I suppose you can do that. Add a color correction effect to the still in the timeline and apply your corrections. Then use the export/share feature in FCP X to choose the option that says "Still image" and it will have you export a still file. This is meant for exporting still frame grabs from videos but it sounds like it should serve your purpose. I would never recommend using Final Cut with the intended purpose to be editing stills. It is so limited in the corrections and adjustments it can make for stills so there is much better software out there that has algorithms customized for stills. Even iPhoto/Photos does a better job with stills than Final Cut.
  13. No worries! That is why I am here to help. And as long as you are having fun, that is what matters. I think this link is to your vimeo profile page instead of the video itself. Go to the video itself, as if you were going to play it and copy the link up in your address bar and paste it here.
  14. @HaydenS, Tell me a little bit about the video and your intentions with it so I know what to think about and suggest for your particular use case. C
  15. iMacs are an excellent option but really the only iMac that has suitable GPUs for 4K is the 5K 27-in. iMac. See below... Only a little less in price than that MacBook Pro but you are getting more because now you have a super awesome 5K monitor as well, and normally one of those costs $2,000 standalone. If you really don't want to go Apple, HP makes some good professional options for video editing but then you can't use Final Cut Pro X obviously, and you will probably still need to spend close to $2,000 for something that can do 4K nicely anyway. 4K editing is not easy to do on low cost machines, you really need a lot of power, especially when you start putting effects and things on top of the footage. C
  16. This is a build I just made of the new 15-in. MacBook Pro with recommended specs for 4K. The graphics card in this build has 2GB but for an extra $100 you can get the 4GB GPU so I would highly recommend doing that. You are probably fine with the standard CPU here but for an extra $200 you can get the upgraded one. Storage I left on the lowest stock option because the best idea is to get a nice Thunderbolt 3 RAID array to store your footage. Let me know what you think. C
  17. Paula, thanks for checking. You can upload the video to Vimeo, just set it as link only viewing and paste the link here. It is okay if the link is shared around the forum for review purposes, just don't share the link widely anywhere or something. I think the link only option is only valid on Business or Pro plans so if you are using a free account you can set a password on the video instead and post the link and password here. Check out the "Basic Video File Sharing" lecture in the course for tips on getting the video up correctly on Really looking forward to seeing your cut! C
  18. If Apple is even a slight option for you, then it is very hard for me to honestly recommend something else. The new MacBook Pros are awesome, the 15-inch ones with the nice dedicated GPUs... Unless you really need the extra power a Mac desktop can provide, it is probably a good idea to get a MacBook Pro so then you can use it with your 4K footage in the field too.
  19. Yup, this is the correct section! You could have started a new thread regarding the specific topic so it's easier for other students to find in the future but it's okay, not a problem at all. C
  20. Hi @Paula P, Nice to see you working through the lectures! I am not sure what you mean by the "blue line showing in the section". What section are you referring to? And yes, that is the way to show the used portion of clips. It used to be enabled by default on FCP X v10.2. The reason why I did not do an actual section of the lecture dedicated to settings is because there really are not many settings at all if you take a look in FCP X preferences. And the settings it does provide are more personal settings rather than essential settings for editing. I know I did mention the detailed trimming feedback button. That shows split viewer clips when you are moving an edit point between two clips using the trim tool. It does not show both clips when you are dragging and dropping a transition to the timeline. Let me know what you think! C
  21. @Bert, Below are general notes and time specific notes. Since I obviously don’t know the footage pool you have and the amount of video in a specific clip before or after the cuts, some of the feedback may not be possible and revolves around my assumption that a shot does continue past the point you cut it at. If this happens, either ignore the comment, change the clip out with another shot, or get rid of the clip entirely. I want to leave the decision up to you so you get a sense of making choices like that. But, if you want me to elaborate more on something like that and help out, I will. General Notes: I love the music! There are instances throughout the video where you use very similar shots, like the overhead view of trees in the beginning and the rocks/water shots towards the end. Try and avoid similar shots like this unless you have a specific reason to include repeating shots in terms of the “story” you are telling. Although, I think I like what you are doing with the rocks at the end so maybe leave that for now, let's see how it pans out. Some of the cuts sound off from the music, keep this in mind when editing. BUT, this is a first cut so I am not even sure if you were really trying to perfect that yet. Since it is a first cut and shots are going to be changed and replaced or deleted it makes no sense to spend a ton of time in a rough cut perfecting that only to have to go back and do it all again, so I also won’t include specific feedback about off-beat cuts here but I will for your final cut down the road. Overall, your coloring is not bad. I can make more comments on that in your fine cut because as you change shots based on my feedback below, it would have been pointless to spend time coloring those shots and now they are gone. That is why coloring is usually always the very last step. Some of my feedback mentions removing shots, and I know you mentioned your lack of a very large footage pool to pick from, so one option you might want to consider is shortening this video, by shortening the music… Just because the song is 2.75 minutes long doesn’t mean you have to make a video that long and use shots that you think don’t really live up to your normal quality of stuff. If you don’t have enough super awesome best-of-the-best shots to fill up 2.75 minutes, then don’t force it, find a shorter song, or shorten this song yourself, that is what I would do. It could be as simple as just fading the song out early, or actually editing some middle parts of the song out so you still get the natural beginning and ending of the song as well as the major change from soft to loud in the middle which sounds awesome. Time Specific Notes: 00:00:03:00 - Does this shot go higher up so you see over the mountain and still see the sunset? If so, that might be more visually stunning rather than seeing 3/4 of the frame taken up by the dark side of the mountain. 00:00:12:00 - Increase and fix for dark exposure on this shot, or replace shot with something else. 00:00:15:00 - Do you have another shot of the animals that isn’t from this angle? Most of the frame is taken up by the hill and from this angle it looks visually strange, almost like its flat, but its not… 00:00:18:00 - Very cool camera move here! 00:00:36:00 - Beautiful shot!!! See if you can increase saturation a little more to get those colors to really pop! And play with the actual color in the shot to see if you can make the highlights a tiny bit more orange/yellow or ever so slightly pink. See if you can get the colors to really pop in that way too. 00:00:46:00 - I would get rid of this shot, unless there is something specific to your business you are trying to show. But, it is really just showing those buildings and a tree. 00:00:48:00 - Super cool shot!! 00:00:50:00 - Do you have another track clip or section of this clip where you see the cars more for the whole duration of the shot in your cut? Not even one second in the white car has already gone through the frame and the yellow car goes through very rapidly. Maybe something of you following the car with the drone more, or the drone looking down a straightaway or a turn seeing the cars coming towards it? From 00:00:54:00 to 00:01:07:00 - I am not sure if I like this string of shots here. They don’t really show interesting subjects for the purposes of a company sizzle reel. But, if there is something specific about them that makes them work there then fine. 00:01:09:00 - This shot lasts too long I think especially with the way the music is. Maybe cut this car on bridge shot at approx. 00:01:13:00 and have another shot placed there until approx. 00:01:17:00. Make the cuts with the music though, these timecode are not exact when I watch it back on Vimeo and make these comments. 00:01:27:00 - Very nice shot! Love it! 00:01:42:00 - Replace with something else I think, maybe a nice sunset shot of a beach. 00:01:54:00 - I don’t think this shot is visually stunning enough for this reel. 00:02:05:00 - Does this car clip provide footage earlier than where you started the cut? If you can, I would start the shot with the car/garage area opening totally out of frame and then over the course of the cut you have in there now, the drone moves to the right past the car pulling out and then the cut happens when the car is totally out of frame, kind of like it is now. The beginning of this cut the way you have it now has the car already in the middle of the frame. But, the length of the cut you have now is good and it flows into the next shot correctly so all you need to do to make this adjustment is a slip edit using the trim tool. ( A slip edit is what you need to do to make some of the other shot adjustments I mentioned above. 00:02:15:00 - The end of this shot has an odd camera jerk right at the end. Slip edit the shot to get the jerk out, or roll the edit point using the trim tool to place the cut before the jerk. 00:02:38:00 - Have the website address come up faster after the logo fades out. Don’t have as much blank space since someone could very quickly think the video is over and click away before your site even comes up. Don’t place it too close though, maybe 0.5 seconds after the logo fades out. Overall, this is a very nice first cut and I am really looking forward to seeing the next cut and what shots you choose to swap in for the more boring ones, if you have enough stunning stuff right now. Nice work! -C
  22. @Bert, Congrats! You're the first demo reel cut that is finished from the course! Very nice job with this first cut, some of the shots are amazing! Before I comment in depth on it, I just want to make sure I know the intended purpose for the video. You will be using this as demo content for your company on your website? Is that correct? Also, if you have anything else to share regarding the cut, the footage, and your thoughts behind making the video, please share so I can get an idea of your thought process. Nice work! Christian
  23. It is always nice to go with higher quality but the tradeoffs are more media space used, more battery time used, and longer processing/uploading times for editing. So it really depends on what you are doing. I do actually shoot in 4K (UltraHD or DCI) by default and then usually transcode down to 1080p as needed. This sometimes produces higher quality 1080p footage anyway than native 1080p footage. But, there are some projects I know will never be be shown or used in 4K so I just shoot 1080p from the beginning to save myself the trouble. Also keep in mind that most people's internet connections and computers and displays can't do 4K yet, so people will just stream it from YouTube in 1080p anyway. For people that do have 4K capable hardware it is nice to see that option though in YouTube to stream it in 4K if the uploader did 4K.
  24. Donnie, I just tested those videos and they seem to playback correctly for me in the course. Did you try restarting your computer and browser? And even clearing your browser's temporary files and cache? Let me know, Christian