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  1. Hello from Southern California! It's great to have such a forum to be able to refine our knowledge of this fast growing industry! A couple of things on my Q500 4K aircraft: Something not discussed much that I have seen is that when you video in 4K, the file sizes get HUGE, and you must be sure that your computer & graphics cards can handle the video....Don't ask me how I know this! My desktop is a few years old, a Dell 3.2GHz, i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, etc. and it will NOT play 4k. I have to ratchet down to 1080p, 24 FPS, and it works great. It would be interesting to hear from others on this subject. The Q500 4k has a feature not discussed anywhere that I see that prevents you from taking a picture while video is on. The screen requires you to select an icon (either video or picture), wait a few seconds, then you can take your shot. It is advertised that you can take pictures WHILE videoing - Does anyone have comments on this? Am I missing something? Great forum, more to come.