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  1. I know from studying for the Part 107 exam that I don’t have to contact heliports in class G airspace before I fly. I do make sure my spotters know where they are and that they are using proper spotting procedures to check for any kind of traffic in my area of operation. There are two hospital heliports in my market area that are in G airspace: one is 3 miles away and the other 2 miles away. Do you contact heliports in your area of operation prior to launch as a courtesy and to foster goodwill? I am tempted to do this because of the irresponsible actions of some drone pilots. I
  2. Christian; I missed the part about you supplying the footage. I have no need or desire for anything else but what you supply. I can see the logic behind using your standardized footage. I'm sorry I went through all that discourse. I guess I should sign up for a literacy course as a prerequisite to taking yours. Not only am I without a drone at this point, I am without a computer powerful enough to run Final Cut Pro X. I am looking at the new Mac Book Pro or the Mac Pro 6 Core. My current computer is an old Mac Book Pro 2008 that doesn't meet the minimum Final Cut requirements.
  3. I have an unusual request. I have a new titanium ankle joint which required 4 surgeries and stem cell transplants over the past 14 months. I can't walk yet. I'm now a couple months from healing up. I just passed my Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification and have my Temporary Airman Certificate. (attached). I will buy a drone in May or June. I will need post production video editing in all of the markets that I will enter. I will be enrolling in Aerial-Post Production 101 and downloading the 30 day trial version of Final Cut Pro X, which I will then purchase. Because I have no drone and haven
  4. I just passed my Part 107 Remote Pilot exam. I am now rethinking my choice of a drone for commercial purposes. I'm from the software industry. I've told people for years that you don't go out and buy a computer, unless you are a standard consumer needing the Microsoft suite of software. In industry, you first determine what kind of software you will be running and then back into your computer/hardware decisions. Now, I am running up against my own advice when it comes to choosing a drone. I have been studying the markets available to me in my area and the potential competition. I wo