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  1. Thanks Tim, I downloaded these apps this morning and will investigate them during my breaks at work today. Gary
  2. Thanks for the advice Ed. Being ex military I am aware of the sensitive nature of the Colorado springs area. Flying commercially may be an end goal for me but for now I just want to get used to flying and exploring possibilities. I am looking forward to being part of this forum community.
  3. Hi, Gary Burtt here...jumping into the drone realm to add this to my photography toolbox. I have been a photographer hobbyist for a long time and am excited about the new perspective that drone photography can add. I started with a BLH8500 from Horizon Hobby and i got hooked. Just picked up my Phantom 3 Pro yesterday. Looking forward to learning about this bird and getting it ready for its maiden journey. I know i have a lot to learn and if there are any GOOD starting places, please let me know. I look forward to being part of this community. Gary