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  1. The proposed FAA regulation regarding use and monitoring of drones will impose drastic limitations on how drones are to be used in the future. The FAA has no idea what the costs will be to set up the monitoring network, how it will operate, whether or not it will even be effective in achieving its purpose, what monthly access fees will cost, and how and who will be doing the monitoring among other unknowns. Attached is a commentary that i wrote that raises questions that need to be answered before a huge investment and infrastructure is established that is ineffective in accomplishing the goal of reducing improper use of drones. Please feel free to offer comments that add to what is required to improve upon the proposed system without adversely affecting the user community. It is essential to reach as many of the drone and RC Model users as we can before the March 2nd comment deadline. There are approximately 1.5 million drone users as well as tens of thousands of RC aircraft modelers affected by this proposed ruling. Please pass this along. Guidance for providing Comments on Proposed FAA Drone Regulations_final.pdf
  2. Members are voicing concerns about the Proposed FAA Rule regarding drone usage and monitoring and the seemingly lack of awareness and interest in responding to the Rulemaking. I'm attaching a pdf document that I prepared and that hopefully will make followers of this forum better prepared to comment on the pro[posed Rule. Also, my hope is that the Guidance I prepared can be circulated to other websites, Forums and other venues where drone enthusiasts communicate. Feel free to share, provide comments and discuss with others. As I observe in the Guidance article, this Rule as proposed will hinder the sue of drones, fail to achieve the goals set forth, and create burdensome costs to everyone flying drones and model aircraft. Guidance for providing Comments on Proposed FAA Drone Regulations_final.pdf