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  1. @Psychoshady82, Really appreciate your response. Very helpful. I posed my question to the FAA and here is their response: "Thank you for your inquiry. While I cannot get into the specifics of the airspace over any one area, it bears noting that the B4UFLY app was built for recreational and mode aircraft operators, not persons operating under Part 107 (like your company will need to). Furthermore, the interdictions against operation there may be flight restrictions, or they may be the notification requirement for hobby operators.As you will need to operate under Part 107, which requires FAA authorization for operations within controlled airspace, you should probably look at a sectional map, like the ones on, instead." The special use site is also very helpful: Just wish there was a mobile friendly version.
  2. Apologies. I numbered all 3 pictures and loaded them in that order but the blog posted them in the opposite order. #3 shows as the first pic... the screenshot with the chart (the little white arrow in the middle is my location). I'm hoping that the SUA depiction (i.e. the chart pictured in my previous post) is the most accurate picture of drone no-fly zones. I have no desire to interfere with pilot's training and fully realize these two areas have a high likelihood of maneuvers happening here. However, I've been tasked with learning if we can utilize drones for business purposes in this area. The company I work for owns a significant part of land here and if B4UFly is to be believed then there is little possibility of utilizing drones for aerial imagery in these areas. BUT if the SUA is an accurate indication, well, then, we can work with that...
  3. Uaviator53 & Ed, Thanks so much for the info and feedback. Just to make sure I have this straight.... Both of these areas are "Alerts". The SUA website currently shows my location (picture #3, where the arrow is located) as an area not covered by an "Active" SUA. But the B4UFly site counts the entire A-211 & A-292 sites as Drone No-Fly zones. Which is correct? I've also included the legend info from the New Orleans Sectional Chart. (starting to question the validity of the B4UFly app layers)
  4. Hi all, I'm still in learning phase and trying to make sure I don't break any FAA rules. I've downloaded the B4UFly app in an effort to make sure I'm not flying anywhere I'm not supposed to. Recently I was in Pensacola, FL and am now near Andalusia, AL and in both places I've run into large swaths of "Special Use Airspace" A-292 (Pensacola) and A-211 (Dothan, AL) that according to the app means I CANNOT fly my drone. I have attached pictures. On the "SkyVector" website these seem to correlate with Caution/Alert areas where there is a high volume of Rotary and Fixed wing training. To me this seems more like an MOA? Is there a way to determine when they end, or if these restrictions are permanent?
  5. So the pop-up box on the site says "UAS Operating Area GNV_01/133". Good to know that it's just a notice of other stuff going on in the area but how do I find specifics on what the "other stuff" is??
  6. Hi everyone, I'm still studying up in order to take the test and decided to pop over to the SkyVector website to have a look-see. I'm in the Jacksonville area and noticed some purple rings. Most importantly is one that is 60 NM around Jax (city not the airport). How do I decode the details in this item? (pic attached) I'm guessing that GNV_01/133 is the number attached to look up the details for the DROTAM? Where can I input the code to get more details? SkyVector doesn't really give much info on how to utilize this information. Clicking on the ring makes a new box open with this info: NOTAM UAS Operating Area GNV_01/133 DEFINED AS 60NM RADIUS OF CRG SFC-400FT AGL 1701091542-1702282200.