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  1. Hey Alan thank you for your response, im looking to get exposure to Aerial Photography, and im trying to get into the Real state aerial photography . Im new like i said , for me getting the exception is being legit , i want to be a legit pilot , so that was the reason for that,and im looking for experience, one last thing do you think the bachelor in drones is worth it?
  2. hey Franklin im also interested in doing the same , I was in the military before and flying one of these drones is awesome , being a pilot without actually flying is great , I have a page that you can look at , im very interested in getting in the market as well learning just like you , maybe we can help each other out , good luck and fly safe. www.facebook.com/HAP1984
  3. well im new to the game I got my first drone in December 2015 , but I been doing alright I think , I got a page , you can see , im just stuck in trying to get exposure , who should I meet , I also was interested in getting an exemption but a sourse told me not to even get into that because the rule for drones is going to change this December 2016 . you can see my page at www.facebook.com/HAP1984. Thanks for your input Alan,
  4. Alan how should i get into the real state Aerial photography ?
  5. Hello Alan , so what should i do if i want to get a exemption to start my own bussiness?
  6. Hi , My name is Jose Im interested in aerial photography.