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  1. Everyone knows that COVID-19 has hit small businesses hard. And for many the impact will be permanent—according to data from Yelp, of those businesses that had to stop operations due to the pandemic, 60% of them ended up closing for good. But now that things have stabilized somewhat and businesses are learning how to adapt, there are a few ways that drone service providers can help businesses bring in more customers. Check out this post we wrote recently on 3 ways drones can help small businesses—the first two are things small businesses can start doing right away.
  2. A recent report from Wolfpack Research, a research group and short seller of stocks, has slammed passenger drone company Ehang, accusing the company of fraud. The report is scathing, and dramatically entitled “Ehang: A Stock Promotion Destined to Crash and Burn.” On the same day it was released, Ehang’s shares plummeted, losing 63% of their value. (Shares bounced back up by 35% the next day, to $62/share, but were still half of the previous week’s all-time-high of almost $130/share.) Big picture, the report says that Ehang: Doesn’t have nearly the amount of revenue it
  3. The NASCAR season launched last week, kicking off with the iconic Daytona 500 race. But one of the biggest stories out of the new season isn’t about the drivers or the cars—it’s about how the races are being covered. Employing both FPV (First Person View) and heavy-lift drones, Fox Sports has teamed up with Beverly Hills Aerials to significantly amp up its coverage of the races. Read today's post to learn more about all the ways Fox Sports is using drone technology and other innovative methods to make racing come alive—and to see some high octane footage captured from the r
  4. A recent landslide in the village of Ask, Norway led to the largest drone operation that has ever taken place in Europe. Using a combination of drones and helicopters, emergency responders conducted a total of 420 missions looking for landslide victims over a period of several weeks, logging over 200 hours of flight time in the effort. The giant quick clay landslide hit the village of Ask at four in the morning on December 30th, 2020. It was 900 feet wide and 2,000 feet long at the time of impact, and it would ultimately grow to cover over 124 square miles. Here's a photo of som
  5. No worries @Dave Pitman—it's a community forum, that's what it's for! That video made w/ Audio w/ all the different terrain was in the NYC Drone Film Festival a while back if I'm not mistaken, crazy to think of everything that went into making it.
  6. @Dave Pitman I love Danny MacAskill! I included that first video in one of our recent weekly roundups. The filming and the riding/stuntwork are just mindblowing.
  7. Thanks Chuck! Totally get it re: needing to tread lightly. Maybe we can set up 30 minutes to chat, and you'd get final review of what gets written about or shared, if anything. Shoot me an email me Zacc[at]UAVCoach[dot]com and we can find some time to talk. Hope you have a great weekend.
  8. @Av8Chuckthat's really interesting re: your professional experience w/ UTM. Sounds like you're privy to some information our readers would love to hear about . . . would you possibly be open to sharing some of what you know for an article on the realities of UTM? I could say 'an anonymous source' if you preferred it, and of course you could vet it before we published. Curious to hear your thoughts, and thanks for considering it.
  9. DJI’s products never seem to launch without a leak or two. But lately these leaks have gone from a few pieces of information here and there to full-on lists of specs and details about the product. And DJI’s forthcoming FPV drone is an example of this new normal—we first started hearing about it last summer in connection with a patent for a camera that looked like it could be made for an FPV drone, and since then the leaks have just kept coming. We've even gotten a glimpse of the actual product: So when will it actually launch? And why is it producing so much buzz?
  10. Zipline recently announced a new deal in Nigeria to deliver COVID-19 vaccines by drone using its proven medical drone delivery technology and infrastructure. Shortly after that announcement, the company issued a separate statement outlining the work it’s doing to create what it calls “cold-chain distribution capability,” which will support the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines. Once completed, the cold-chain capability will allow Zipline to deliver all of the leading COVID-19 vaccines within any of the countries in which it operates. And this means that, even though Nigeria may
  11. Confirming that AirMap deleted that post after it created a lot of backlash for them. @Dave Pitman you're right, I think that was definitely them slipping up and stating their true mission. @Av8Chuck, had no idea NASA's UTM testing was so shaky. Can you share some links to where you read/heard about that? Would be curious to read up on it. Dave did a good job a while back checking me when I was writing about UTM and really just adopting an industry perspective without thinking about how its rollout could impact drone service providers/individual operators (hobbyists too, for that matter).
  12. Totally agreed, I find it surprising that Lilium is willing to invest so much in building infrastructure when they don't even have regulatory approval to operate. Maybe they know something we don't, but I suspect they're just hoping/praying things come along in time on the regulatory front.
  13. Thanks so much @Dave Pitman, that is music to my ears! Hope you're doing well, and thank you for reading—it is always appreciated.
  14. Back in 2017, we wrote a year in review about taxi drones—a lot of progress had been made that year, and it seemed like we might expect to see them in the skies soon. But since then momentum has flagged, at least from an implementation perspective. Dubai’s drone taxi program—which was supposed to start in the summer of 2017—never launched, Uber has sold off its drone taxi unit, and there still aren’t any cities anywhere in the world that actually use passenger drones. And yet things are moving forward, just not as quickly as we’d once imagined. Recently, Lilium announced a signi
  15. @Dave PitmanI tried to be more mindful of incorporating the drone service provider's perspective in this piece (it's in the last section of the article, titled 'The Implications of UTM for Drone Service Providers'). Please let me know if you end up reading it, would love to hear your thoughts if you have the time to share them.