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  1. All very good information and advice! Thank you guys so much for cluing me in to getting my license. Im ordering the drone tomorrow then once I get it, will get it all FAAed up! Thanks again and Ill keep you all posted. - B
  2. Will do... Going to order tomorrow. We film on the 11th-13th up in the Smoky Mountains, NC! - B
  3. Thanks Jay... I think Im going to dive in and purchase the Phantom 4 Pro for a starter. Hoping to create some fun stuff! - B
  4. I am about to purchase the Phantom 4 Pro for a pilot for a tv show. I've never shot with a drone before and was wondering if there might be any advice, tips, and or warnings before I make this purchase. I also have a film that I plan on using a few drone shots for this spring. Thanks again for your thoughts. - Brian 4 Bees Media, LLC
  5. Just thought I'd drop in and let the droneworld know that I plan on purchasing my first drone to shoot a pilot with next month. I've seen all the videos, all the sites and comparison's, and I'm going to make baby steps and see if this is something I'd like to invest in longterm. Any advice on which drones you prefer, the pros and cons etc... Im all new to this and willing to listen. Nice to meet everyone. - B