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  1. 2 gently used Yuneek Typhoon Q500 4K's with extras. Easy to fly and maintain. Superior Video. Stable & Reliable Craft. Must sacrifice. Latest prices attached but will accept best offer for one or both. Contact Lou at eushere4now@gmail.com or call or text 623.734.7345.
  2. Hello All, I'm happy to share and do so based upon my personal experience with both entities...Please be mindful that my experience with said entiteis just may be an exception... Presison Hawk in my opinion is only interested in raising investment money to acquire small potential startups to increase their product line and company size for an enventual buyout... ....While they do provide you with leads when their insurance clients need damage inspections, they allow and support a strict inflexible appointment schedule and have provided no (reply) communication to inquires re sam
  3. ....For what it's worth AeroEyez....you did the right thing and should be applauded...We have all at one time or another taken one for the team....you have a contract with a firm to shoot their build and there is always the unspoken/unwritten condition that comes with that contract and that is.... to protect the best interest of the client... ...Imagine if you had lost it and gave this guy what for....the optics would be terrible...he becomes the victim, you chance disturbing your client relationship by exposing your client to possible bad press.....your rep is now in question.... plus, p
  4. Hello AV8Chuck and all... ....While I appreciate you reaching out, I must apopogize because I'm not sure I really have anything to contribute at present....If the question is "How's Business"?....we're doin OK...Still writing black ink but I'm just a one horse operation...if the number of employees did equate to success, I'd be failing!... ....Being an "Old Schooler" I've already put in 30+ years (managing over a dozen employees in the process) so I've never really looked toward expansion and the responsibilities and effort that goes with it in this new start up....I just wanted a f
  5. ...@Alan.....Thank you for the opportunity to post and for your continued open mindedness and support....lc
  6. ...@Alan....Thank you for finding the time to respond to this topic, your opinion matters. For the record and what it's worth, I think you have the finest program in the Country and have set the bar for excellence in your school's curriculum, organization, support and follow up....However, I was surprised and then again not, at your response.... ...Your business model as I see it has been to provide the best learning experience and successful acquisition of FAA Certification for your clients....but it pretty much has to end there because you or anyone for that matter cannot be responsibl
  7. ...A very telling post Cyclops 55! ....It's too bad Alan can't wade into this dialogue....With his connections, resources to include a sterling reputation in the industry, he could get the ear of those individuals that could sponsor a National Association of Certified Pilots (NACP) who's membership would agree to observe at least a minimum hourly rate for services rendered.... ....Even if only a minimum hourly rate was observed on a National basis, it would send a message to those industries that intend to out source their drone needs what to expect. There are general standard minimal rat
  8. Darshana....Stay the course if you can.... Every industry constantly shifts for various reasons but opportunity abounds for those with vision and the courage to turn that vision into a reality...Whatever the industry in general is going to morph into...it will become....and we all have to "go with the flow".... ...But....If you're looking for a "ground floor" opportunity, the drone industry at this moment in time...is "it"! The sky's the limit (no pun intended) for one to achieve all the success they can want and handle. Respectfully I submit..."get your feet wet"...you may be the next
  9. Realizing that all my opinion and $5 dollars will buy you is a latte at Star Bucks, I am truly concerned....I can certainly understand an appreciate that there are reliable, honest, hard working folks out there who want a chance to perhaps capture the future or realize a passion for flight, photography even editing but to provide services for an insurance company at what has to be considered minimum wage (regardless of volume) is a danger to all pilots and the industry in general.... ...It sends a message to these companies that there is an over abundance of pilots who perhaps do not kno
  10. I am very interested in any responses to the following.... PREMISE/FACTS:Your client Service Agreement states that your client is entitled to X amount of "edited" video and X amount of still aerial photos pertaining to the mission. After completing the mission and fulfilling your contractual obligation for both "edited video and stills, the client contacts you and requests that the Ad/PR/Media Agency they have hired would like access to your original work product for possible publication and/or marketing purposes. The Service Agreement grants license to the client to utilize only the
  11. Just in case I didn't submit my response correctly I'd like to thank both advanced members R. Martin and Ed O'Grady for taking the time to reply to my post.
  12. I'd like to thank both advanced members R. Martin and Ed O'Grady for their input.
  13. I could use some help please. I'm flying a Yuneec Q500 4k. As of late my SD Cards (San Disk Extreme old or new) have indicated that I have indeed recorded footage/video....the card indicates time, size ect., but I cannot play it back for viewing on Windows, VLC or even Coral Media Players.....the issue is intermittent....sometimes it happens after 15 min. of recording sometimes after 5 min....(see attached) Before I take my chances with Yuneec repair and give my camera up for months, i thought maybe there may be other insight I can review before hand. I would be grateful for any info th
  14. Hi Kirk...you're not alone....over 50% of my competition is flying illegally and I would think it's a safe assumption that all legal pilots are faced with this dilemma.....my old school knee jerk reaction is simply...education....you're not gonna change basic human nature....if an owner/operator doesn't care to cast off their ignorance you're most likely not going to be able to change what is probably a life time character trait. However, in my humble opinion you do have a few choices....one, move to a new market place that affords you a more level playing field. I had lived in So Cal fo
  15. Amen to Drone Dave....some of the responses I have read re the running of one's drone business have truly been informative, eloquent and technically sophisticated but at the end of the day one still has to procure clients and Drone Dave is spot on. A web site and social media can't do it for you. I don't actively solicit real estate business because very few agencies will invest in the service because it comes out of the agents pocket and there isn't by their way of thinking enough money in the deal to justify the cost. In most cases they just don't understand the "cost of doing business"