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  1. Hey @Roderick, it certainly depends on what you want to do in the drone business. The best advice I can give you is to buy a drone, preferably an inexpensive one to start, and FLY FLY FLY! The more you fly, the more comfortable you will feel and gain confidence. In addition, I am sure there is a community of drone flyers in Arizona. In Colorado where I live, people are more than willing to share experiences and help each other out. I am sure that is the same way in Arizona. I started out 2 years ago and I had no idea what I was doing but I kept flying until I learned more about the drone and talked to people who helped me out. I am nowhere near an expert but I am much more experienced and comfortable now then when I was.
  2. Just filled out the survey. Happy to help.
  3. Good morning everyone, have my Part 107 license and am going to Cabo, Mexico for a short vacation this weekend and was thinking about bringing my Phantom 4 Pro so I can fly in non-restricted air space. I am seeing if anyone had any experience traveling their drone to Mexico and what the regulations might be. Please share your knowledge and experiences with me so I can make a good decision. Thank you, Luke
  4. Thank you both for your comments! I certainly agree and understand the points you brought up. Luke
  5. Hi everyone, I live in Colorado and work in sports television and also have my Part 107 certificate. While watching the Jazz/Nuggets game last night on another network I do not work for, I saw what looked to be drone footage used at night time. This is obviously against FAA rules unless there was a waiver approved by the FAA. Knowing the industry I work in, I am assuming that a waiver was not approved (obviously not 100%). I have attached a photo. I am asking the community a few things. 1. Do you think this is drone footage? To me this shot does not look like a helicopter. 2. Would it be considered commercial footage if used during a live broadcast? 2. In your opinion, what should be the next steps? Report this to the FAA? Try to reach out to the sports network and ask them about the footage 3. Should I do nothing? As we know, there are many people that are not following FAA regulations, but for a television network not to follow the rules is very disconcerting. Thank you.
  6. Hey everyone, I use apps such as Airmap and Kittyhawk for vector maps of restrictions of where I'm flying. However, many times I see advisories that pop up and wondering if these are actually restrictions that prohibit me to fly in these areas. The advisories show up in yellow, such as the image I attached, and when there is a restricted area, such as Class B, C, D, and E, it shows up as red. Thanks!
  7. Chuck, this is a forum that is supposed to be helpful and collaborative for everyone. I was just posing a question and concern as a friendly sUAS pilot and asking for useful feedback. I will respect your opinion but I would appreciate less hostility. Thanks.
  8. And also, this was a race that all athletes needed to pay for to enter.
  9. Thank you for all of your feedback. I understand the FAA rules are vague now but I still believe it is our responsibility as commercial drone pilots to try to enforce the rules. In my opinion, this media company broke the rules by having one of their employees fly a drone for commercial use without a Part 107 certificate. I know the person didn't have one because when I asked he didn't even know what it was. Acts like this also ruin business for the rest of us, who went through the effort to get FAA certified to fly a drone for commercial use and know the laws.
  10. Hey everyone, I was a runner a 5K race last weekend. I came across someone flying a drone who was an employee of a local media company and was getting footage for that event. This person did not have his Part 107 license, so I emailed the media company, who said the race was not a commercial shoot and were not contracted or paid in regards to the drone footage. However, I went to the race site and did see a drone photo that they posted. I'm not sure if I believe that they were not paid and thinking about reaching out to the race committee. Does it count as commercial footage if it's not paid for? As a drone community, we are trying to work on making progress with sUAS's and I feel that these situations hinder that ability. Thoughts?
  11. @timmy67 Well done!!! Welcome to the team!
  12. @KirkLook into this website for insurance coverage. I plan on using them once I start doing commercial work.
  13. So why are so many people, both hobbyist and commercialist, flying BVLOS if it is not allowed? Many sUAS pilots I have talked to fly 1-1.5 miles away which is BVLOS. I'm sure they are flying at their own risk when doing this but why chance it?
  14. @Uaviator53 Thanks for your input! Yup, I have the Part 107 license and logging hours each day. What business license are you referring to?